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The Actress and the Ambassador: Sunshine is but a Shadow


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By: H.E Abena P.A Busia

Narrated By: H.E Abena P.A Busia and Akosua Busia

Length: 123mins

Release Date: 2023

Language: ENGLISH


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A journalistic journey by two sisters, who for decades, across continents, chronicled moments of the challenges and triumphs of their lives through poems of faith.

One an Ambassador - an Oxford PHD, a tenured professor of English and former university Chair of Women and Gender Studies.

The other, an Actress, on Broadway, in London’s West End, best known on screen for her role as Nettie in the Steven Spielberg film of the Alice Walker Novel, The Color Purple.

Sunshine is But A Shadow, illuminates the Guiding Light of the two sisters who hail from Ghana, West Africa, where their father was once Head of Government, as they traverse through political exile; through the deaths of loved ones; through tears; through laughter; and all the while fueled by their faith in God.

Book 1: Altar Call
Genesis 4:3-10
Sermons from Riverside
Embattled Gardens I: The Road Through Gethsemane
Trilogy for Azania
Jerusalem in Zion
For Leah
A Petition Over Prayers Unspoken: An Incantation
Altar Call
Book 2: Blessed She
Funeral Brochure: Portrait of a First Lady
Merry Christmas
Book 3: Traces of a Life
Testimonies... For Father, 11 July 1913 - 28 Aug 1978
A Prose Poem for Lynne, 11 Aug 1947 - 06 Dec 1986
I am Your Sister: For Audre Lorde
A Wedding Song: For Chic and Karen on their Wedding Day
A Poem on Transitions: For My Mother on My 50th Birthday - Monday, Apr 28th 2003
Pieta: In Cherished Memory - Toby Lund Schroeder, March 7 2001 - December 3 2005
Book 4: Lover of My Soul
Do You Know Me?
Lover of My Soul
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