Enforcing Prophetic Decrees Volume 2


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By: Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams

Narrated By: Bishop John Ahiati

Length: 103mins

Release Date: 2021

Language: ENGLISH

Publisher: Prayer Summit Publishing

Enforcing Prophetic Decrees Volume 3 is an in-depth look at prayer. Why must we pray? What are some of the things that hinder our prayer and much more? After listening to this book, you will pray with understanding and pin-point accuracy. You will see your prayer life go to a new level and the spirit of intercession will fall on you as never before. In this book, we will break curses and set you free from the hand of the enemy so you can live and walk in victory as a believer.

Chapter 1: Why We Must Pray
Chapter 2: Different Types of Prayer
Chapter 3: Hindrances to Prayer
Chapter 4: Prayers for The Nation
Chapter 5: Prayers for Children
Chapter 6: Prayers for The Works of Our Hands
Chapter 7: Prayers for Promotion
Chapter 8: Prayers for Harvest and Rewards
Chapter 9: Prayers for Financial Fruitfulness
Chapter 10: Prayers for The Fruit of The Womb
Chapter 11: Prayers for the Fruits of the Spirit
Chapter 12: Prayers for Peace and Rest
Chapter 13: Decrees against Discouragement
Chapter 14: Decrees against Anxiety
Chapter 15: Decrees against Sickness
Chapter 16: Decrees against Addiction
Chapter 17: Decrees against Imprisonment
Chapter 18: Decrees against Indebtedness
Chapter 19: Decrees against Legal Battles
Chapter 20: Decrees against Death
Chapter 21: Decrees against Generational Curses
Chapter 22: Decrees against Miscarriage
Chapter 23: Decrees against Demonic Covenants
Chapter 24: Decrees for Overturning Demonic Conclusions and Satanic Destinies
Chapter 25: Prayer of Thanksgiving

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