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Everything by Prayer, Nothing Without Prayer


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By: Dag Heward-Mills

Narrated By: Pastor Jeff Korum

Length: 150mins

Release Date: 2019

Language: ENGLISH


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The Bible is full of exhortations for us to pray: “Everything by prayer! Praying always! Men ought always to pray! Pray always! Pray without ceasing!” In this remarkable book, “Everything by prayer, nothing without prayer”, you will embark on a journey that will teach you the ways and patterns in the prayer life of Jesus Christ. If Jesus prayed, you and I ought to pray more. Everything in our lives can be achieved by prayer and nothing can be achieved without prayer. Your prayer life will be exciting after this riveting listen!

Chapter 1 - Everything by Prayer
Chapter 2 - How to Pray for the Will of God
Chapter 3 - How to Pray for the Holy Spirit
Chapter 4 - How to Pray Thanksgiving Prayers
Chapter 5 - How to Pray from Your Heart
Chapter 6 - How to Pray with Forgiveness
Chapter 7 - How to Pray to Defeat Devils
Chapter 8 - How to Pray Prayers of Persistence
Chapter 9 - How to Pray with the Promises in John
Chapter 10 - How to Pray in the Closet
Chapter 11 - How to Pray Agreement Prayers
Chapter 12 - How to Pray With Fasting
Chapter 13 - How to Pray at Dawn
Chapter 14 - How to Pray in the Night
Chapter 15 - How to Pray with Faith
Chapter 16 - How to Pray and Do Greater Works
Chapter 17 - How to Pray Short Prayers
Chapter 18 - How to Pray Long Prayers
Chapter 19 - How to Pray in Different Places
Chapter 20 - How to Pray Prayers of Intercession
Chapter 21 - How to Pray Like a Priest
Chapter 22 - How to Pray for Angels to Appear

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