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By: Dag Heward-Mills

Narrated By: Michelle McKinney Hammond

Length: 233mins

Release Date: 2008

Language: ENGLISH


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Do you desire to be anointed? In this historic book, Dr. Heward-Mills shares several steps to receiving the anointing. This book will most certainly be a blessing to you and your ministry. Discover the steps you need to take to become anointed!

Chapter 1 - Seven Reasons Why You Must Be Anointed
Chapter 2 - Fifteen Powerful Effects of the Anointing on Your Ministry
Chapter 3 - One Step to the Anointing
Chapter 4 - Seven Steps to the Anointing in Jordan
Chapter 5 - Seven Steps to the Anointing in the Wilderness
Chapter 6 - Steps to the Anointing in the House of Cornelius
Chapter 7 - How to Persist until the Anointing Is Put to Use
Chapter 8 - Seven Steps to the Anointing in the Upper Room
Chapter 9 - Seven Steps to the Anointing in Your Own Company
Chapter 10 - teps to the Anointing in the Holy Hill
Chapter 11 - Seven Steps to an Anointing You Can Feel
Chapter 12 - The Anointing of Prophets and Righteous Men
Chapter 13 - Restictions for the Anointed
Chapter 14 - The Kingly Anointing
Chapter 15 - The Anointing of Prophet Isaiah
Chapter 16 - What it Means to Be the Lord's Anointed
Chapter 17 - Steps to Losing the Anointing
Chapter 18 - The Road to the Anointing
Chapter 19 - The Battle for the Double Portion
Chapter 20 - The Life of the Anointed
Chapter 21 - How Will I Know When I Am Anointed
Chapter 22 - Fulfil Your Ministry

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