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By: Dag Heward-Mills

Narrated By: Rupert Farley

Length: 243mins

Release Date: 2016

Language: ENGLISH


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The treasure of the anointing is in the anointed. The anointing is in the man of God! The anointing is with the man of God! The anointing is upon the man of God. This new and exciting book by Dag Heward-Mills will thrill the hearts of those who seek the anointing.


Opening Credits
Chapter 1 - What Exactly is the Anointing
Chapter 2 - Where Exactly is the Anointing
Chapter 3 - How to Identify Anointed People
Chapter 4 - It is the Anointing That Breaks the Yoke
Chapter 5 - The Anointing in the Field
Chapter 6 - Unravel the Mystery of the Hidden Anointing
Chapter 7 - The Voice of the Anointed
Chapter 8 - What it Means to Believe His Prophets
Chapter 9 - Receive the Anointed According to His True Rank
Chapter 10 - Walk in the Blessedness of Transference of Spirits
Chapter 11 - The Mystery of Impartation
Chapter 12 - Do Not Miss Subtle and Casual Anointing
Chapter 13 - The Honour and the Anointing
Chapter 14 - How Jesus Celebrated the Woman Who Honoured the Anointing
Chapter 15 - Where the Anointing is Honoured, it Works Wonders
Chapter 16 - The Anointing Creates Your Room
Chapter 17 - The Spices of the Anointing
Chapter 18 - Anointing for Babies and Sucklings
Chapter 19 - Accept the Helpers of the Anointed
Chapter 20 - Travel with the Anointed
Chapter 21 - How You Can Change Your Anointing Levels
Chapter 22 - What It Means to Be an Anointed Servant
Chapter 23 - Boldness - The Final Step to the Anointing
Ending Credits

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