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How To Neutralize CURSES


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By: Dag Heward-Mills

Narrated By: Pastor Kwaku Sampson

Length: 646mins

Release Date: 2017

Language: ENGLISH


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This amazing book on the existence of curses will help you to overcome and neutralize invisible curses that are fighting your greatness. God has a great destiny for you, no matter who you are. Use this book as a great weapon to neutralize the power of the curse in your life. We all look forward to the glorious life where there will be “NO MORE CURSE!” This is because in life we face misfortune, recurrent harassment, futility, unhappiness and frustration. A curse best describes these unfortunate experiences we seem to be confronted with. Can we escape? Is there a way out? This book will help you understand curses and know how to align yourself for a blessing.

Chapter 1 - Why This Book About Curses
Chapter 2 - What is the Curse
Chapter 3 - The Global Curses
Chapter 4 - The Top Bible Curses
Chapter 5 - Custom-Made Curses
Chapter 6 - The Causes of Curses
Chapter 7 - Why Are Curses so Powerful
Chapter 8 - Despise Not Prophesyings
Chapter 9 - A Proper Respect for Curses
Chapter 10 - The Wonders of a Curse
Chapter 11 - The Curse on Adam
Chapter 12 - How The Curse on Adam is Working Out
Chapter 13 - The Curse on Eve
Chapter 14 - The Curse of Isaac
Chapter 15 - The Curse of Moses
Chapter 16 - The Curses of Moses Fulfilled
Chapter 17 - How the Blessing of Isaac is Working Out
Chapter 18 - The Curse on of Noah
Chapter 19 - How the Curse of Noah is working Out
Chapter 20 - How You Can Use the Power of the World to Come
Chapter 21 - How You Can Cancel a Curse by Sacrifice
Chapter 22 - How You Can be Saved from a Curse by Redemption
Chapter 23 - How You Can Escape from a Curse through Wisdom
Chapter 24 - How You Break a Curse by the Anointing
Chapter 25 - How You can Avert a Curse by Restoring Father-Son Relationships
Chapter 26 - How You can Neutralize a Curse With Blessings
Chapter 27 - How You Can Stop a Curse With a Multitude of Blessings
Chapter 28 - How You Can Be Delivered From a Curse through a Prophet
Chapter 29 - How You Overturn a Curse by Valuing Blessings
Chapter 30 - How to Overcome Curses by Inducing Blessings
Chapter 31 - How You Can Counteract the curse by Seeking out Major Blessings
Chapter 32 - How You Can Quench a Curse by Saying Amen to Blessings

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