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The Art of Hearing Second Edition


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By: Dag Heward-Mills

Narrated By: Joycelyn Kpodo

Length: 336mins

Release Date: 2001

Language: ENGLISH


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There is no topic more important than being in the perfect will of God. The one thing that will distinguish ministers of the gospel is their ability to hear the voice of God accurately. How important it is to follow the Holy Spirit into the perfect will of God. When you are in the perfect will of God, you will flourish and achieve all that you desire for God. This outstanding work by Dag Heward-Mills will have a great impact on your life and ministry.

Chapter 1 - The Perfect Will and the Imperfect Will of God
Chapter 2 - Understanding How People Enter the Imperfect Will of God
Chapter 3 - Why There Are So Many People in the Imperfect Will of God
Chapter 4 - The Mysterious Will of God
Chapter 5 - Be filled with the Knowledge of His Will
Chapter 6 - Twenty Reasons Why You Must Be Led by the Spirit of God
Chapter 7 - Twelve Different Kinds of Voices
Chapter 8 - The Voice of the Bible
Chapter 9 - Five Keys to Victory over the Voice of Your Flesh
Chapter 10 - Three Things You Should Know about the Voice of the Holy Spirit
Chapter 11 - Seven Characteristics of the Inner Witness
Chapter 12 - How to Use Peace the Umpire for Daily Guidance
Chapter 13 - How to Tell the Difference When the Spirit Speaks in Different Ways
Chapter 14 - Four Reasons for Spectacular Guidance
Chapter 15 - How to Identify a Door
Chapter 16 - What Every Christian Should about Dreams
Chapter 17 - How to Interprete Different Kinds of Dreams
Chapter 18 - How to Relate to a Prophet
Chapter 19 - The Secret of Directed Paths
Chapter 20 - How to Deal with the Voice of the People
Chapter 21 - How Not to Be Led by Circumstances
Chapter 22 - How to Unmask the Devil
Chapter 23 - Three Checks to Avoiding Mistakes When Being Led by the Spirit
Chapter 24 - Why You Must Listen to Your Conscience
Chapter 25 - Twelve Levels of Obedience to the Lord
Chapter 26 - Common Alternatives to Obedience
Chapter 27 - The Promises and Blessings for Obedience

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