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Why Non-Tithing Christians Become Poor and How Tithing Christians Can Become Rich


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By: Dag Heward-Mills

Narrated By: Pastor Jeff Korum

Length: 309mins

Release Date: 2010

Language: ENGLISH


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Many people struggle with the concept of tithing even though this ancient practice has led to the legendary wealth of Jews. In this book, Bishop Dag Heward-Mills teaches how tithing embodies the principles of wealth creation and the miracle of prosperity. Enjoy one of the classic volumes by Dag Heward-Mills.

Chapter 1 - Six Reasons Why Non-Tithers Become Poor
Chapter 2 - The Curses That Follow Non-Tithers
Chapter 3 - What It Means to Rob God
Chapter 4 - Twenty Spiritual Problems of People Who Do Not Pay Tithes
Chapter 5 - Seven Steps to Becoming Financially Useless
Chapter 6 - The Bad Thoughts of Non-Tithers
Chapter 7 - Prophetic Warnings against Forgetting God and Not Tithing
Chapter 8 - Seven Things Every Christian Should Know about the Tithe
Chapter 9 - Why God Esthablished the Tithe
Chapter 10 - Seven Pioneers of Tithing
Chapter 11 - The Legendary Wealth of Jews
Chapter 12 - Secrets to the Wealth of Jews
Chapter 13 - A Modern Rabbi Teaches on Prosperity
Chapter 14 - How Tithers Fulfil the Laws of Wealth Creation
Chapter 15 - How Tithers Activate the Law of Sowing and Reaping
Chapter 16 - How Tithers Make God Build a House for Them
Chapter 17 - How Tithers Provoke God's Graciousness
Chapter 18 - How Tithers Invoke the Blessings of Almsgiving
Chapter 19 - How Tithers Open the Heavens over Their Lives
Chapter 20 - Ten Things That Happen Every Time You Tithe
Chapter 21 - Why Tithing is the First Step into Ministry
Chapter 22 - Ten Reasons Why Tithing Does Not Work for Some People

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