Do you know your temperament?
02 Feb 23
By Damsel | 02 Feb 23 | Relationship

Do you know your temperament?

Do you know your temperament?
Temperament is God’s method of creating variety. Some people are born with natural tendencies for leadership or joviality. Others are born with a natural tendency to flow along and to be easy-going.

Knowing about your temperament helps you with all aspects of life - relationships, natural strengths, natural weaknesses and forgiveness.
Answer the following questions in the comments section and we’ll let you know what temperament you are:

1. How do you feel about unpredictable situations?
A. I absolutely love them. They energize me and make me feel alive!
B. I am not sure. It depends.
C. I am neutral. They don’t make me feel uncomfortable but at times I get annoyed by unexpected surprises.

2. Are you spontaneous?
A. Yes! I enjoy doing things at the spur of the moment! B. I wouldn’t describe myself as spontaneous. I am an emotional person which means I change my mind often.
C. I am not spontaneous but I can take a fast decision when I have to.

3. Are you getting bored
A. Yes, I get bored very fast. I can’t take routine and familiarity for very long. I need to see new places, get to know people and do new things or I will go insane.
B. No, not really. I tend to get attached to people and places. This keeps me from getting bored.
C. No, I always do something interesting. I don’t depend on other people or circumstances to make me feel happy. I have my own goals and plans – there is no place for boredom in my life.
D. I never experience boredom. I can easily stay in a remote place with no entertainment without getting bored.

4. Your interests:
A. I have a wide range of interests. However, I don’t get deeply involved in any given.
B. I am really into communication and relationships. I am interested in people around me.
C. I have many interests but it’s hard for me to concentrate on many different subjects at once. I tend to study one subject in detail and then move on to the next one. I am especially interested in technology. I like to figure out things and understand how everything works. D. I can’t say I have many interests but I am an educated person.

5. How emotional are you?
A. I am emotional, but I am not too sensitive to other people’s feelings.
B. I am very emotional and very sensitive.
C. I remain calm on the outside, even when I’m upset. In general, I tend to hide my feelings and I am proud of my ability to solve problems without emotions getting in the way.
D. I am not emotional.

6. What’s your energy level?
A. Extremely high.
B. It depends on my mood and what’s going on in my life.
C. My energy levels are steady. If I feel down I can force myself to carry on as normal.
D. Energy level? What do you mean?

7. Your ideal weekend:
A. Do something new like traveling.
B. Have a quality time with my partner. If I am single I will read romantic books or watch romantic movies.
C. Take an advantage of this extra time to learn new things or acquire new skills that will help me achieve my goals.
D. I enjoy spending time with family and friends.

8. How do you spend your money?
A. I love luxury and special experiences. I tend to spend a lot.
B. I enjoy buying gifts for people I love.
C. I am good at money management. However, I don’t mind spending on things that have real value.
D. I always plan my spending and at times tend to be a little stingy.

You can find detailed profiles for each temperament here: The Love Package

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