The Naa Morkor Busia Maternity Wing Free Hospital For The Blind  - Mampong, Ghana.
02 Sep 22
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The Naa Morkor Busia Maternity Wing Free Hospital For The Blind - Mampong, Ghana.

The Hospital for the Blind in Mampong, Ghana, is a hospital where those in need will get free medical care with emphasis on treatment for the blind. Less than an hours drive from the Capitol City Accra, under the auspices of medical doctor and renowned Evangelist, Dr. Dag Heward-Mills, it will be the third Hospital built, and the second free hospital paid for and overseen under the leadership of Dr. Dag Heward-Mills, founder of the United Denomination of the Lighthouse Group of Churches. The Mampong Hospital for the blind, will provide a Maternity Wing, named after Madam Naa Morkor Busia, a former Midwife who went on to become First Lady of Ghana. The Maternity Wing will be fully furnished and equipped with a Labour Ward, a Baby Unit, Post Partum Wards and an Operating Theater.

Naa Morkor Bruce was born in James Town, Accra, Ghana, on April 5th, 1924. She lost her mother shortly after she was born and was raised alone by her father. The lack of a mother was a loss she felt acutely throughout her life. After finishing school as the youngest in her class, the 16 year old Naa-Morkor was admitted to the three-year midwifery training course at Korle-Bu Hospital, making her amongst the first generation of hospital trained midwives in Ghana.

Graduating from Korle-Bu hospital in 1944, the young Naa Morkor took a keen interest in challenging cases of maternal health and complicated deliveries. Her eager youth and gentle sense of adventure endeared her to many as she cycled her beat on her first bicycle, bought with money from her first pay cheques. In 1949 encouraged by her former teacher and mentor, Professor Kofi Abrefa Busia, Naa received a scholarship as an intern at the Churchill Hospital, in Oxford, England, followed by another internship at the world famous Radcliff Infirmary. While in Oxford, on August 14, 1950, she married the renowned Professor Busia, the first black man in history to attend University College Oxford. When he later became Ghana’s Prime Minister, in her position as ‘Mother of the Nation’, Madam Busia was happy that the Second Republic provided avenues for her to implement solutions to social concerns, especially those pertaining to women, in both rural and urban areas. She personally oversaw the creation of maternity clinics and health centers in many corners of the nation. In continuance of her quest for safe, healthy, labor and delivery for both mother and child, funds raised for the Blind Hospital in the name of Naa Morkor Busia will be used to build a Maternity Wing in her honor.



The first Free Hospital is St. Gamaliel’s Hospital, dedicated primarily to having a one-of-a-kind Prosthesis centre- to provide free or greatly subsidized prosthetics to the many amputees in Ghana. In addition, the Centre features an IVF centre, private and semi-private wards and a Maternity Unit comprising of labour delivery rooms, a theatre and a Baby Unit. PLEASE SEE PHOTOS:

st-gamaliels hospital-1
Fig.1 - St Gamaliel’s Hospital.

st-gamaliels hospital-1
Fig.2 - St Gamaliel’s Hospital.

st-gamaliels hospital-1
Fig.3 - St Gamaliel’s Hospital.

st-gamaliels hospital-1
Fig.4 - St Gamaliel’s Hospital.

The second Free Hospital, currently under construction in the Mampong Mountains, is the Free Hospital for the Blind.

St kathryns Hospital
Fig.5 - The Naa Morkor Maternity WING of the new HOSPITAL FOR THE BLIND Mampong

The Naa Morkor Busia Maternity Wing



The first hospital built under the leadership of Dr. Dag Heward-Mills in 2006, is St. Kathryn’s Hospital commonly known as the Lighthouse Mission Hospital & Fertility Center (LMHFC). St. Kathryn’s Hospital is a premier hospital located in North Kaneshie, a suburb of Accra. It is a 25 bed facility with a laboratory, general wards as well as semi-private and private rooms. It has a well-equipped operating theatre and also offers a wide range of radiological services on-site. Patients have access to the facility 24 hours a day and can fill their prescriptions at any time from the 24 hour pharmacy. St. Katheryn’s Hospital is a multispecialty group, dedicated to meeting the needs of women and their families throughout their lives.

St kathryns Hospital
Fig.6 - St kathryn’s Hospital.

St kathryns Hospital
Fig.7 - St kathryn’s Hospital.



Ghana’s maternal mortality rate rises at an unacceptable high level. The best estimates for Ghana suggest that roughly 3,900 women and girls die each year due to pregnancy-related complications. Additionally, another 28,000 to 117,000 women and girls will suffer from disabilities caused by complications during pregnancy and childbirth each year. The tragedy and opportunity is that most of these deaths can be prevented with cost-effective health care services.


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