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Church Growth


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By: Dag Heward-Mills

Narrated By: Pastor Jeff Korum

Length: 389mins

Release Date: 2011

Language: ENGLISH


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We know that church growth is elusive and difficult to achieve. All pastors wish their churches would grow. This book is the answer to your quest for church growth. You will understand how "many different things work together" to achieve church growth. Dear Pastor, as the words and anointing of this book find their way into your heart, you will experience the church growth you have been praying for.

Chapter 1 - Church Growth and a Burning Desire
Chapter 2 - How You Can Achieve Great things Through Lay People
Chapter 3 - How Lay People Have Helped Churches to Grow
Chapter 4 - Why You Must Share the Burden With Lay People
Chapter 5 - How Lay People Will Help to Bring Church Growth
Chapter 6 - Five Evils That Evolves When Lay People are not Involved in the Ministry
Chapter 7 - The Art of Wielding a Rod and a Staff
Chapter 8 - Shepherding Techniques that lead to Church Growth
Chapter 9 - How Wise Magement of Church Money can lead to Church Growth
Chapter 10 - How to Manage Offerings
Chapter 11 - How to Improve Tithes and Offerings in the Church
Chapter 12 - How to Raise Funds in the Church
Chapter 13 - Define Who Your Members Are
Chapter 14 - What to Expect From the Average Church Member
Chapter 15 - How to Choose Helps Ministers
Chapter 16 - Guidelines for Employing Helps Ministers
Chapter 17 - How to Employ a Helper
Chapter 18 - How Camp Meetings Cause Church Growth
Chapter 19 - How Conventions Cause Church Growth
Chapter 20 - How to Have Successful Conventions
Chapter 21 - Why Relationships and Friendships lead to Church Growth
Chapter 22 - How to Develop Important Ministerial Relationships
Chapter 23 - How Church Growth is Affected by Gethsemane
Chapter 24 - The Art of Waiting On God
Chapter 25 - Church Growth Through a United Group Of Branch Churches
Chapter 26 - Anagkazo, Biazo and Anadeia the Keys for Advancement
Chapter 27 - Why Anagkazo is Important for Church Growth
Chapter 28 - How to Use Anagkazo to Induce Church Growth
Chapter 29 - How Anaideia and Biazo Cause Church Growth
Chapter 30 - Why You Must Become a Hard Leader to Have Church Growth
Chapter 31 - The Hardness and the Decisions of a Mega Church Pastor
Chapter 32 - The Art of Copying
Chapter 33 - Why Copying Will Help Your Ministry
Chapter 34 - Church Growth and the Constant Effort to Accomplish
Chapter 35 - How to Work Hard For a Mega Church
Chapter 36 - Church Growth and the Work of a Pastor (P.V.C.I.)
Chapter 37 - Church Growth and the Work of Taking Heed to Yourself (W.A.R.)
Chapter 38 - Church Growth and Outward Impressions
Chapter 39 - Ten Reasons Why Women Make a Church Grow
Chapter 40 - How Radio, Television and Buses Make a Church Grow
Chapter 41 - Twenty Diverse Tests and Temptations of a Pastor Who Seeks Church Growth

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