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The Double Mega Missionary Church


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By: Dag Heward-Mills

Narrated By: Pastor Jeff Korum

Length: 211mins

Release Date: 2019

Language: ENGLISH


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God has a master plan to multiply His people and increase them like a flock. God’s plan is that His people shall not be few and His people shall not be small! This is God’s plan for you.Have you wondered if church growth was possible? Have you tried many strategies which have not worked? This is the book you have been waiting for! Receive every single word of prophecy written herein and believe that they apply to your life and ministry! Yet another indispensable title for your “Church Growth” collection, this book is will take your ministry to the level of a double, mega missionary church, through tried and tested strategies used by the author himself, with undeniable results!

Chapter 1 - Twenty-Five Prophecies of the Double Mega Missionary Church
Chapter 2 - I Will Build My Church
Chapter 3 - Church Growth Is Warfare
Chapter 4 - The Campaign for Church Growth
Chapter 5 - All Campaigns Work Together for Good
Chapter 7 - The "Soul Winning and Mission Consciousness" Campaign
Chapter 8 - The "State of the Flock" Campaign
Chapter 9 - The "Servants Armed and Trained" Campaign
Chapter 10 - The "Hearing and Seeing" Campaign
Chapter 11 - The "Honour the Prophet" Campaign
Chapter 12 - The "Anti-Brutish" Campaign
Chapter 13 - The "Bacenta, Basonta, Batenta Proliferation" Campaign
Chapter 14 - The "Buildings" Campaign
Chapter 15 - The "Intimate Counselling" Campaign
Chapter 16 - The "Equipment and Technology" Campaign
Chapter 17 - The "Shepherds' Control" Campaign
Chapter 18 - The "Multiplication" Campaign
Chapter 19 - The "Uncles and Aunties" Campaign
Chapter 20 - The "Understanding" Campaign
Chapter 21 - The "Swollen Sunday" Campaign
Chapter 22 - The "Sheep Seeking" Campaign
Chapter 23 - The "Sunday Management" Campaign
Chapter 24 - The "Testimony" Campaign
Chapter 25 - The "Telepastoring" Campaign
Chapter 26 - The "Tangerine" Campaign
Chapter 27 - The "Gathering Bus" Campaign
Chapter 28 - The "Organized Creative Arts" Campaign

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