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By: Dag Heward-Mills

Narrated By: Pastor Jeff Korum

Length: 288mins

Release Date: 2004

Language: ENGLISH


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The planting of churches is a phenomenon that is widespread among the ministers of the gospel. It was also a major activity of the early disciples. Successful church planting demands skill and embraces multiple factors. Dag Heward-Mills, the founder of a worldwide charismatic denomination with three thousand churches, leads us in analyzing the different components of church planting in this book. This is a training manual for any minister who wants to make church planting his vision for life and ministry.

Chapter 1: Church Expansion
Chapter 2: The Mindset of Church Planters
Chapter 3: The works of Church Planters
Chapter 4: Church Planting and the Jerusalem Church
Chapter 5: Church Planting and the Antioch Church
Chapter 6: Preaching, Teaching and the Planting of Churches
Chapter 7: Why Preaching is Powerful
Chapter 8: Why Teaching is Powerful
Chapter 9: Church Planting and the Tent Ministry
Chapter 10: How and When to Flow in the Ten Ministry
Chapter 11: Barrenness and Church Planting
Chapter 12: How to Diagnose Barrenness
Chapter 13: How to Fight Different Kinds of Barrenness
Chapter 14: Intercession The Way out of Barrenness
Chapter 15: Covenants and Church Planting
Chapter 16: The Anointing of Rebecca
Chapter 17: Sacrifice and Church Planting
Chapter 18: Obedience and Church Planting
Chapter 19: Church planting and the Priestly Ministry
Chapter 20: How to Plant a Church
Chapter 21: Planting a Network of Churches

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