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Laikos Lay People & The Ministry


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By: Dag Heward-Mills

Narrated By: Rupert Farley

Length: 218mins

Release Date: 2017

Language: ENGLISH


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The Greek word LAIKOS means “having no skills”. History has taught us over and over again that great things have been accomplished through people who “lacked skills”. Learn, through this outstanding book by Dag Heward-Mills, what happens where there are no laymen working in the church; how to share the burden with lay people and why we must fight to protect the lay ministry.

Chapter 1 - LAIKOS! The Layman
Chapter 2 - What Happens When There Are No Laymen and Volunteers
Chapter 3 - Seven Reasons Why God Operates through Lay People
Chapter 4 - Seven Thing You Must Know about the Lay People
Chapter 5 - Why You Must Become a Lay Pastor
Chapter 6 - How to Operate as a Lay Pastor
Chapter 7 - How to Share the Burden with Lay People
Chapter 8 - The Ideal Lay Pastor
Chapter 9 - What is the Proper Attitude of a Lay Pastor?
Chapter 10 - Double-Minded Lay Pastors
Chapter 11 - Understanding How Lay Ministry is a Measure of Ministry
Chapter 12 - Understanding How Lay Ministry is a Type of Helps Ministry
Chapter 13 - Understanding the Deficiencies of Lay Ministry
Chapter 14 - Understanding Why God Allows Lay Ministry to Exist
Chapter 15 - Develop the Four Essential Skills of a Lay Pastor
Chapter 16 - The Struggles of a Lay Pastor
Chapter 17 - The Example-Setting Ministry of Volunteers
Chapter 18 - Why We Must Fight to Protect the Lay Ministry

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