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Ministrial Ethics Second Edition)


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By: Dag Heward-Mills

Narrated By: Pastor Jeff Korum

Length: 88mins

Release Date: 1998

Language: ENGLISH


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In this outstanding book, Dag Heward-Mills examines real life situations in ministry today. He addresses practical issues like finances, politics, relating with the opposite sex, and ministerial interactions.

Chapter 1: Why Ethics?
Chapter 2: Ethics for the Head
Chapter 3: Ethics for Assistance
Chapter 4: Ethics for Resignations and Departures
Chapter 5: Ethics for Church Service
Chapter 6: Ethics for Interacting with Church Members
Chapter 7: Ethics for Relating with the Opposite Sex
Chapter 8: Ethics for Relating with External Ministers.mp3
Chapter 9: Ethics for Handling Visiting Ministers.mp3
Chapter 10: Ethics for the Travelling Minister.mp3
Chapter 11: Financial Ethics
Chapter 12: Ethics for Receiving of Gifts
Chapter 13: The Ethics of Privacy
Chapter 14: Ethics for Public Appearance
Chapter 15: Ethics for Handling Outsiders

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