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The Millennium Pages of Love

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By: Rev Joseph Eastwood Anaba

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"The Millennium Pages Of Love", is a compilation of some of the books I have on the subject of love and related subjects. It is in a sequential order to help us understand the full scope of the love of God in order to practise it. This prayerfully compiled library, instructs and inspires believers to experience a foretaste of the condition of perfect love, harmony and peace that those who are redeemed by Christ will enjoy during the millennial rule of Christ depicted in Isaiah 11:6-9. The imagery of the lion and the lamb dwelling together in peace is symbolic of the love revolution campaign, which I have preached and taught for several years. The God-kind naturally antagonistic to each other like the lion and the lamb. You have in your hand a manual that will equip you with the agape love of God. Let Brotherly Love Continue!

The Love Revolution
The Exploits of Love
The Practice of Love
For Love's Sake
The Time of Love
The Pastor and His Love
The Portrait of Love
The Disciple Whom Jesus Loved
Elevated Beyond Human Law

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