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The Disciple Whom Jesus Loved


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By: Rev Joseph Eastwood Anaba

Narrated By: Mawuli Sachey

Length: 81mins

Release Date: 2021

Language: ENGLISH

Publisher: Desert Leaf Publications

God does not love everybody equally. He loves some more intimately and indeed treats them differently because of their obedience and response to His love. He treated Abel and Cain differently. He hated Esau and loved Jacob. God loves those who respond to His love more. John the Apostle responded to Jesus’ love in a manner that made Jesus love him more. The other disciples noticed it, hence the description “the disciple whom He loved.” You can be the disciple Jesus loves today.

Chapter 1: The Disciple's Positioning
Chapter 2: The Disciple's Purpose
Chapter 3: The Disciple's Power
Chapter 4: The Disciple's Perception
Chapter 5: The Disciple's Persistence

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