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By: Kofi Abrefa Busia


Length: 674mins

Release Date: 2022

Language: ENGLISH

Publisher: Speak The Word Audio

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This Audiobook was recently launched under the auspices of His Excellency, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, President of the Republic of Ghana at the commemoration of The Right Honorable Dr. Kofi Abrefa Busia, who was Sworn in as Prime-Minister of Ghana on August 29th 1969. Born in Wenchi, on July 11th, 1913 in the Brong Ahafo region of Ghana, The Prof (as Busia was affectionately known) met the Reverand William Whittle in 1923 when Whittle was assigned to Ghana from England to pastor the newly formed Wenchi Methodist Church.

Rev. Whittle’s wife, Alice, started a small school under the trees, which, although eager to learn, the 9 year old Busia was not permitted to attend. On enquiring why, Mrs. Alice Whittle was informed that it was because children were caned at school, and Busia was a Royal and Royals could not be caned. Mrs. Whittle therefore assured the Elders that Busia would never be caned. Thus began his schooling and a lifelong friendship with Reverand and Mrs. Whittle. This book of letters between them, tracks their 50 year relationship: Through World War II: Busia becoming the first black student to attend University College, Oxford: Two political exiles: Two military coups: Elected Prime-Minister in a landslide victory unequaled to this day. Then finally, Prof losing his sight and living his last days in blindness in a Cotswold Village in Oxford, England.

Profits from “The Prof: A Heart of Faith” will go to the completion of the Free Blind Hospital in the Mampong Mountains in Ghana. The Hospital will include The Madam Naa Morkor Busia Maternity Wing, in Honour of Busia’s wife, Ghana’s former First Lady, who was amongst the class of first hospital trained Midwives in Ghana. There will also be a Speak The Word Audio Prayer-Chapel at the hospital for the blind and their loved ones, to listen to “Inspiration In Your Ears”.

Opening Credits
Chapter 1 - My Uncle is Dead
Chapter 2 - Full Hope
Chapter 3 - Welcome to England's Shores'
Chapter 4 - Prof Busia, Age 28, Preaches A Sermon at Achimota - March 22nd 1942
Chapter 5 - District Commissioner
Chapter 6 - Amma and I
Chapter 7 - A Series of Unfortunate Circumstances
Chapter 8 - Her Full name Is Victoria Naa Morkor Bruce
Chapter 9 - Sober Truths
Chapter 10 - In God's Good Time
Chapter 11 - A Sermon by Prof Busia
Chapter 12 - The Trend Towards A One-party State
Chapter 13 - An Address By Prof Busia
Chapter 14 - Subversive Activities
Chapter 15 - An Address By Prof Busia
Chapter 16 - From Mexico To Standlake
Chapter 17 - An Address By Prof Busia
Chapter 18 - A Sermon By Prof Busia
Chapter 19 - A Sermon By Prof Busia
Chapter 20 - Mr. A. V. Brown
Chapter 21 - An Address by Prof Busia
Chapter 22 - More on Mr. Brown
Chapter 23 - Deception of Africa
Chapter 24 - The Right Honorable
Chapter 25 - The Acheampong Coup
Chapter 26 - How About Your Eyes, Kofi?
Chapter 27 - Trust In Him
Ending Credit

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