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Loyalty and Disloyalty


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By: Dag Heward-Mills

Narrated By: Kwesi Busia, Jeremy Sackey, Paul Baidoo, Kweku Sampson, Jude Sackey, and Akosua Busia

Length: 266mins

Release Date: 1998

Language: ENGLISH


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Though a primary requirement of God for leaders, very little has been written on this subject. In this book, Dag Heward-Mills outlines very important principles, with the intention of increasing the stability of churches. So relevant and practical is the content of this book that it has become an indispensable tool for many church leaders.

Chapter 1 - Why Loyalty?
Chapter 2 - Stages of Disloyalty
Chapter 3 - A Culture of Allegiance
Chapter 4 - Lessons On Loyalty
Chapter 5 - Signs of Disloyalty
Chapter 6 - From The Lips Of Treacherous Men.mp3
Chapter 7 - A Loyal Assistant
Chapter 8 - A Disloyal Assistant
Chapter 9 - Why Judas Betrayed Christ
Chapter 10 - Avoiding Disloyalty
Chapter 11 - The North Wind
Chapter 12 - The Good Fruit of Loyalty

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