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Loyalty and Disloyalty THOSE WHO ARE IGNORANT


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By: Dag Heward-Mills

Narrated By: Kwesi Busia

Length: 277mins

Release Date: 2008

Language: ENGLISH


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In this classic book, Bishop Dag Heward-Mills teaches on how the ingredient of loyalty consolidates a leader’s performance. Using biblical, historic and literary references, the subject is made even more relevant to every kind of reader.

Chapter 1 - Ignorance and Disloyalty
Chapter 2 - Ten Laws of Loyalty
Chapter 3 - Five Rules of Loyalty
Chapter 4 - Six Principles of Loyalty
Chapter 5 - Three Causes of Disloyalty
Chapter 6 - The Timing of Disloyalty
Chapter 7 - Six Manifestations of Disloyalty
Chapter 8 - The Loyalty of Christ
Chapter 9 - The Loyalty of the Father
Chapter 10 - The Three Tests of Loyalty
Chapter 11 - The Rewards of Loyalty
Chapter 12 - Seven Methods for Dealing with Disloyalty

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