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Daughter You Can Make It


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By: Dag Heward-Mills

Narrated By: Akosua Busia

Length: 239mins

Release Date: 2006

Language: ENGLISH


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This book will heal the hurts of daughters! In this long-awaited book, women are challenged to let the wisdom of God help them overcome the many impossible situations they encounter. God will touch your life and strengthen you as you enjoy this powerful new book especially written to the daughters…

Chapter 1: The Women
Chapter 2: The Daughters
Chapter 3: The Covering
Chapter 4: Daughter, It's Your Honour!
Chapter 5: Daughter, It's Your Turn
Chapter 6: The Temptations of the Daughters
Chapter 7: The Sins of the Daughters
Chapter 8: Daughter, You Made It!
Chapter 9: With All Your Getting, Get Understanding
Chapter 10: Where Frustration Came From
Chapter 11: Seven Hindrances of Women
Chapter 12: The Woman's Keys
Chapter 13: Daughter, While You Wait
Chapter 14: Daughter, Catch the Anointing
Chapter 15: Daughter, Is There a Curse Somewhere
Chapter 16: Why Women Must Be Spiritual
Chapter 17: Understanding the Seed of the Woman
Chapter 18: Understanding the Curse Associated with Childbearing
Chapter 19: Overcoming the Curse Associated with Childbearing
Chapter 20: Understanding the Curse Associated with Marriage
Chapter 21: Overcoming the Curse Associated with Marriage
Chapter 22: Daughter, You Have Tender Eyes
Chapter 23: Daughter, God Will Give You a Husband
Chapter 24: Daughter, God Will Give You a Child
Chapter 25: Daughter, Keep on Serving the Lord
Chapter 26: Daughter, Don't Be Tired of Doing Your Duties
Chapter 27: All About Abigailism
Chapter 28: Six Goals of Abigailism
Chapter 29: Steps to Abigailism
Chapter 30: Daughter, You Can Be Replaced!
Chapter 31: Daughter, Will You Obey Your Husband
Chapter 32: Daughter, Keep Your Place
Chapter 33: Daughter of Destiny

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