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Model Marriage


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By: Dag Heward-Mills

Narrated By: Michelle McKinney Hammond

Length: 504mins

Release Date: 1992

Language: ENGLISH


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A Marriage Counselling Handbook. In this classic volume, Dag Heward-Mills provides extensive practical insight into marriage. This extraordinary book will serve as a ready resource material for both the marriage counsellor and the married couple. You will certainly discover in this piece, refreshing and exciting tips to enhance your marriage.

Chapter 1: The Beloveds
Chapter 2: The Official Recognition of a Relationship by the Church
Chapter 3: Counseling the Beloveds
Chapter 4: Definition of Marriage
Chapter 5: Biblical Reasons for Marriage
Chapter 6: The God-Type of Marriage
Chapter 7: The Christian Home
Chapter 8: Love in Marriage
Chapter 9: Communication in Marriage
Chapter 10: Faithfulness and Unfaithfulness in Marriage
Chapter 11: Duties of the Husband
Chapter 12: Duties of the Wife
Chapter 13: The Total Wife
Chapter 14: Home keeping and House Helps
Chapter 15: Principles of Finance in Marriage
Chapter 16: Introduction to the Temperaments
Chapter 17: What It Means to Have a Sanguine Husband or Wife
Chapter 18: What It Means To Have a Choleric Husband or Wife
Chapter 19: What It Means To Have a Melancholic Husband or Wife
Chapter 20: What It Means To Have a Phlegmatic Husband or Wife
Chapter 21: Problem-Solving In Marriage
Chapter 22: In-Laws
Chapter 23: The Step Home
Chapter 24: What Every Christian Should Know About Divorce
Chapter 25: The Key of Acceptance
Chapter 26: Understanding the Human Body through Pictures
Chapter 27: Family Planning Methods
Chapter 28: Family Planning Methods
Chapter 29: The Wedding Night
Chapter 30: The Honeymoon
Chapter 31: Pleasurable Sex
Chapter 32: Dutiful Sex
Chapter 33: Exciting Sex
Chapter 34: Orgasm
Chapter 35: Common Fears about Sex
Chapter 36: Sex for Reproduction
Chapter 37: Grey Areas on Sex
Chapter 38: Assorted Biblical Principles
Chapter 39: Assorted Biblical Principles
Chapter 40: Assorted Biblical Principles
Chapter 41: The Temperaments and Sex
Chapter 42: Developing Spiritually Mature Temperaments
Chapter 43: Tips On Relating to Your Spouse_s Temperaments
Chapter 44: How to Improve Your Sexual Life
Chapter 45: Sex at an Older Age
Chapter 46: How to Know You Are Pregnant
Chapter 47: What Happens During Forty Weeks of Pregnancy
Chapter 48: Eight Common Problems in Pregnancy
Chapter 49: Normal Life in Pregnancy
Chapter 50: How to Look After Yourself during Pregnancy
Chapter 51: Four Minor Problems to Expect During Pregnancy
Chapter 52: Labour
Chapter 53: Three Stages of Labour
Chapter 54: Breastfeeding
Chapter 55: What to Expect From Your Baby in the First Twelve Months
Chapter 56: Immunization of Your Body
Chapter 57: Parenting and What It Involves
Chapter 58: Children by Adoption
Chapter 59: The Loss of a Spouse
Chapter 60: Typical Questions of Married Couples and Answers

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