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Read Your Bible Pray Everyday


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By: Dag Heward-Mills

Narrated By: Jeremy Sackey

Length: 144mins

Release Date: 2017

Language: ENGLISH


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The title of this book immediately makes you think of little children singing happily... Do you read your Bible every day? Do you pray every day? This book will open your eyes to this amazing one-of-a-kind-book called the Bible. It will also open to you the miracles that come to you daily as you read the Bible and pray every day. May your daily bible reading and daily prayer be enjoyable to you!

Chapter 1 - What is the Bible?
Chapter 2 - Read Your Bible - The Origin Of The Bible
Chapter 3 - Read Your Bible - 20 Reasons Why Some Writings Were Included Or Excluded From The Bible
Chapter 4 - Read Your Bible - Four Reasons Why The Bible Can Be Trusted
Chapter 5 - Read Your Bible - How To Interprete The Bible
Chapter 6 - Read Your Bible - The Ten Major Messages Of The Bible
Chapter 7 - Read Your Bible - Twenty-Nine Reasons Why the Bible Is Superior to Every Other Book
Chapter 8 - What Great Men Said About the Bible
Chapter 9 - Pray Every Day - Why People Do Not Pray Every Day
Chapter 10 - Pray Everyday - The Key Of Watching And Praying
Chapter 11 - Pray Everyday - How To Watch and Pray
Chapter 12 - Pray Everyday - The Qualities You Need
Chapter 13 - Pray Everyday in The Right Way
Chapter 14 - Pray Everyday - Jesus Promised Great Things

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