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Demons and how to deal with them


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By: Dag Heward-Mills

Narrated By: Kwesi Busia

Length: 185mins

Release Date: 2005

Language: ENGLISH


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Demon activity is unmasked in this classic new book by Dag Heward-Mills. Using the testimony of the mad man of Gadara, he shows the way to victory over demons and evil spirits.

Chapter 1: The Ultimate Model of Demons Activity
Chapter 2: Darkness Ð The Home of Demons
Chapter 3: The Power of Christ Confronts Demons Activity Today
Chapter 4: The Commonest Sign of Demon Activity
Chapter 5: Demons Make People Do Unnatural Things
Chapter 6: Madness
Chapter 7: Satan is Trying to Kill You
Chapter 8: Satan Wants to Isolate You
Chapter 9: Demons Help People to Destroy Themselves
Chapter 10: Demon Activity Gives Rise to Uncontrollable People
Chapter 11: Depression and Sadness are the Results of Demon Activity
Chapter 12: Demons Work to Disgrace You!
Chapter 13: Demons Work In Groups and Teams
Chapter 14: Demons are Territorial
Chapter 15: Demon Activity Exists Side By Side With Worshipping Christians
Chapter 16: Demons Operate from a Spiritual Distance and Not a Physical Distance
Chapter 17: Demons Seek To Influence Human Beings By Thoughts, Imaginations and Suggestions
Chapter 18: Demons Cause Physical Changes In Human Beings
Chapter 19: Demons are Challenged By the Presence Of God
Chapter 20: Identify the Demons
Chapter 21: Demons Lose Their Hold When You Disagree With Them
Chapter 22: Demons are Persistent
Chapter 23: Snakes and Pastors
Chapter 24: Demons and Churches
Chapter 25: Deliverance Has a Practical Side
Chapter 26: Be Strong in The Lord
Chapter 27: Put on the Whole Armour of God
Chapter 28: Freedom in Christ

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