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How You Can Have an Effective QUIET TIME with God EVERYDAY


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By: Dag Heward-Mills

Narrated By: Akosua Busia

Length: 126mins

Release Date: 2017

Language: ENGLISH


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Dr. Dag Heward-Mills, an exceptional Christian leader, reveals one of his secrets. “If anybody were to ask me what the greatest secret of my relationship with God is, I would say, without any hesitation, that is the power of the quiet times I have with Him everyday.” He has decided to write this book so that you too can benefit from the power of quiet time.

Chapter 1 - The Quiet Time- The most important habit of your life
Chapter 2 - The Quiet Time- The secret of many great men
Chapter 3 - The Quiet Time- Your Personal Time with God
Chapter 4 - The Quiet Time- Your Chance for a Personal Relationship with God
Chapter 5 - The Quiet Time- Your Chance to Avoid Shallowness
Chapter 6 - The Quiet Time- Powerful Effects of a Quiet Time
Chapter 7 - The Quiet Time- Your Chance to Obtain Wisdom
Chapter 8 - The Quiet Time- Your Chance for Daily Prayer
Chapter 9 - The Quiet Time- Your Chance for Daily Bible Reading and Meditation
Chapter 10 - The Master Strategy for Having a Successful Quiet Time
Chapter 11 - Seven Steps to an Effective Quiet Time
Chapter 12 - Tools for an Effective Quiet Time

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