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Those Who Honour You


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By: Dag Heward-Mills

Narrated By: Kwesi Busia

Length: 163mins

Release Date: 2019

Language: ENGLISH


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Honour is an important thing that everyone needs to know about. Giving honour is a biblical command. Honour is very important in your relationship with God. Honour is very important in your relationship with your prophet, your pastor, your husband and other authority figures. If you do not give honour to whom honour is due, you will never have the right relationship with certain people. This is a handbook for life. In this book, you will be taught how to honour someone, the signs of dishonour, the rewards of honour and many more. This book has keys to help you preserve your important relationships. May you not be found wanting in the area of honour!

Chapter 1 - Honour Relationships
Chapter 2 - The Rewards of Honour
Chapter 3 - Levels of Honour
Chapter 4 - How to Honour Someone by Thinking Properly
Chapter 5 - How to Honour Someone by Acknowledging Him
Chapter 6 - How to Honour Someone by Adapting to Him
Chapter 7 - How to Honour Someone by Paying Attention to His Words
Chapter 8 - How to Honour Someone With Your Substance
Chapter 9 - Signs of Dishonour
Chapter 10 - Stages of Dishonour
Chapter 11 - The Results of Dishonour
Chapter 12 - Move Away From Those Who Dishonour You
Chapter 13 - Honouring with Ease

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