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Loyalty and Disloyalty THOSE WHO LEAVE YOU


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By: Dag Heward-Mills

Narrated By: Pastor Jeff Korum

Length: 287mins

Release Date: 2011

Language: ENGLISH


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People who leave you can destroy you. Nothing can describe the feeling of depression, confusion and anxiety that descends when people walk away from you. This book has been written to help you fight the destruction that is unleashed when people leave you. Do not be deceived. Being abandoned or being deserted is not unique to you and your ministry. Many others have suffered the same things. Satan was the first rebel and has inspired all rebellions since then. With this book in your hand, you will rise up and fight the the spirit of disloyalty that is released by "those who leave you".

Chapter 1 - Why God Allows People to Leave You
Chapter 2 - Demons That Operate in Those Who Leave in Rebellion
Chapter 3 - The Unvoiced Messages of Those Who Leave You
Chapter 4 - The Accusations of Those Who Leave You
Chapter 5 - How Those Who Leave You Set a Bad Example
Chapter 6 - How The seed of Instability Are Sown by Those Who Leave You
Chapter 7 - The Seeds Of Stability
Chapter 8 - The Tragedies Of Those Who Will Leave You
Chapter 9 - How to Identify Those Who Will Leave You
Chapter 10 - How to Fight Wolves
Chapter 11 - The Response That Those Who Leave with Our Children Should Expect
Chapter 12 - How To Pray About Those Who Cause Trouble When They Leave You

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