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Spiritual Dangers


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By: Dag Heward-Mills

Narrated By: Cherish Tengabo

Length: 182mins

Release Date: 2013

Language: ENGLISH


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The Christian walks in the midst of many dangers, snares and traps. This book will open your eyes to the many subtle dangers that lie in wait to harm, injure and destroy us. Help yourself, save yourself and deliver yourself through this powerful book on the spiritual dangers!

Chapter 1 - Why Certain Things Must Be Done First
Chapter 2 - Why the Kingdom of God Must Be Your First Passion
Chapter 3 - The Danger of Fornication
Chapter 4 - Steps to Avoiding Fornication
Chapter 5 - Spiritual Keys to Avoiding Fornication
Chapter 6 - What Is a Strange Woman
Chapter 7 - Signs of a Strange Woman
Chapter 8 - Strange Women in The Bible
Chapter 9 - Ten Keys to Understanding Your Attraction to Women
Chapter 10 - The Danger of a Dual Life
Chapter 11 - Ten Types of Duality

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