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The Determinants


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By: Dag Heward-Mills

Narrated By: Kwesi Busia

Length: 137mins

Release Date: 2019

Language: ENGLISH


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Life on this earth is affected by different things. Have you ever wondered why life is fraught with unexpected results despite all your efforts to succeed? There are factors, elements, indeed determinants that influence the outcome of the things we do. In this book, you will encounter determinants that cross the path of everyone. This book gives you a chance to make the best of the race of life! May you be guided by the revelation of this book, to walk as one who is aware that, “Time and chance happeneth to us all.” Let these determinants move your life forward!

Chapter 1 - What are Determinants?
Chapter 2 - The First Determinant - Speed
Chapter 3 - How to Improve Your Speed
Chapter 4 - The Second Determinant - Strength
Chapter 5 - Men of Strength You Can Follow
Chapter 6 - How to Improve Your Strength
Chapter 7 - The Third Determinant - Wisdom
Chapter 8 - The Men of Wisdom You Can Follow
Chapter 9 - How to Improve Your Wisdom
Chapter 10 - The Fourth Determinant - Understanding
Chapter 11 - What Understanding Determines
Chapter 12 - What Happens to People Who Lack Understanding
Chapter 13 - The Men of Understanding You Can Follow
Chapter 14 - How to Improve Your Understanding
Chapter 15 - The Fifth Determinant - Skill
Chapter 16 - The Men of Skill You Can Follow
Chapter 17 - The Sixth Determinant - Time
Chapter 18 - The Men of Time You Can Follow
Chapter 19 - The Seventh Determinant - Chance

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