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Losing, Suffering, Sacrificing and Dying


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By: Dag Heward-Mills

Narrated By: Akosua Busia

Length: 339mins

Release Date: 2011

Language: ENGLISH


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Pastors are under pressure to excite and impress their congregations with good news. This pressure from the people has caused a twisting of the words of Christ until the message of the cross is hardly recognisable. Today we are returning to the basic truths of Christianity that we must "lose"" in order to ""gain"" Christ. Power will return to the church as we preach that we must sacrifice, suffer and die for Christ. The power of Christ's words cannot be erased by anyone no matter how successful or powerful he is."

Chapter 1 - The Four Spiritual Appointment
Chapter 2 - The Four Spiritual Appointment
Chapter 3 - The Art of Losing
Chapter 4 - The Two Ways of Losing
Chapter 5 - Why God Wants You To Experience Suffering
Chapter 6 - What You Will Accomplish through the Sufferings of Christ
Chapter 7 - How Sacrifice Releases Power
Chapter 8 - The Enemies of Sacrifice
Chapter 9 - The Substitute for Sacrifice
Chapter 10 - Sacrifice is the Key to Fruitfulness
Chapter 11 - Sacrifice Brings You to the Anointing
Chapter 12 - Sacrifice Eliminates Pharaoh Sacrifice
Chapter 13 - Sacrifice Gives You a Place in the Ministry
Chapter 14 - Sacrifice Brings the Glory into Your Ministry
Chapter 15 - The Cross-The Symbol of Death
Chapter 16 - Why You Must Preach the Cross
Chapter 17 - Why You Must Take Up Your Cross

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