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Don't Fight the Process : Yielding Totally to God's plan to Make You Great


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By: Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams

Narrated By: Bishop Isaac Clyde Mould

Length: 153mins

Release Date: 2019

Language: ENGLISH


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We live in a world today where process is intentionally avoided. Many people do not want to go through the process requiredto achieve or attain any heights in this life. This is a generation of instant coffee, instant worship, instant preaching, instant praise, etc. Even growing a church is placed in the category of “instants”. Some pastors want to establish a church andhave a membership of 500 in three months. The ministry of the church to produce healthy individuals is no longer a process. Sometimes the spirit of envy and covetousness makes people want what others have, without going through the process to get it. But I have learned through experience, that anything you want to maintain or sustain, you must acquire by process. In this book, you will learn the keys to endurance that will empower you to go through your process. You will discover that greatness only emerges on the other side of process.

Chapter 1 - Process is Inevatable
Chapter 2 - Process Sets the Success Stage
Chapter 3 - Process Produces Discipline
Chapter 4 - Process Builds Capacity
Chapter 5 - Process Refines You
Chapter 6 - Process Guarantees God Encounters
Chapter 7 - Process Produces Faith and Stability
Chapter 8 - Process - Clay in the Potter's Hand
Chapter 9 - Process Realities
Chapter 10 - Don't Walk in the Spirit of Absalom
Chapter 11 - Don't Fight the Process
Chapter 12 - Wrestle for the Future

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