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The Pastor and His Love


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By: Rev Joseph Eastwood Anaba

Narrated By: Mawuli Sachey

Length: 176mins

Release Date: 2021

Language: ENGLISH

Publisher: Desert Leaf Publications

This handbook is devoted to the pastor and his church. It is strange to note that today’s pastor places very little emphasis on the love of Jesus. We talk about His miracles and the blessings He gives us. Few people stop to consider the love of Jesus. A loveless life is a burdensome life. A pastor’s life and ministry without love is a difficult one. The ministry is becoming increasingly difficult for many ministers because of the lack of love in their hearts. Without love we cannot teach the Word of God. Miracles cannot flow out of a life that does not know the love of God. Demons are having a field day in the lives of worshippers because the shepherds don’t love them enough to pay the price for their freedom from oppression. The potential of believers can only be maximized when pastors walk in love. We cannot seek the well-being of people we don’t love.

Chapter 1: The Pastor's Identity
Chapter 2: The Pastor's Attributes
Chapter 3: The Pastor's Care
Chapter 4: The Pastor's Words
Chapter 5: The Pastor's Moral Life
Chapter 6: The Pastor's Integrity
Chapter 7: The Pastor's Submission
Chapter 8: The Pastor's Rod
Chapter 9: The Pastor's Spouse
Chapter 10: The Pastor's Children
Chapter 11: The Pastor's Magnetism
Chapter 12: The Ultimate Pastor

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