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For Love's Sake


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By: Rev Joseph Eastwood Anaba

Narrated By: Mawuli Sachey

Length: 235mins

Release Date: 2021

Language: ENGLISH

Publisher: Desert Leaf Publications

This book, entitled “For Love’s Sake” is aimed at building viable relationships and repairing broken ones. It centres on the issue of a broken relationship between Philemon and Onesimus. Paul wrote the Epistle of Philemon to Philemon and admonished him to receive Onesimus for love’s sake. Many believers have not invested time and effort into the building of purposeful relationships and winning lost people back. We watch great opportunities for good relationships whisk past us every day. Churches are in turmoil, homes are in shambles and businesses have developed lethal cracks, which are threatening their very existence. Whilst we hasten to the assignments that give us the feeling of success, we leave many people wounded and grieved. Insensitivity and greed have combined to make us sacrifice others on the altars of our success.

Chapter 1: The Mandate
Chapter 2: Understanding "Philadelphia"
Chapter 3: The Spirit of Love
Chapter 4: You Love What You Beget
Chapter 5: Releasing What You Love
Chapter 6: Open Those Doors
Chapter 7: The Springboard of the Future
Chapter 8: The Love-filled Letter

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