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Elevated Beyond Human Law


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By: Rev Joseph Eastwood Anaba

Narrated By: Mawuli Sachey

Length: 295mins

Release Date: 2021

Language: ENGLISH

Publisher: Desert Leaf Publications

One of the critical challenges for Christians of today is manifesting God’s nature through the fruit of the Spirit. In these last days when many are more interested in the power gifts, Rev. Eastwood pulls no punches in calling the Church back into line and showing us that the only insulation to keep us from being spiritually electrocuted by the gifts of the Spirit is the fruit of the Spirit. To seek to exercise spiritual power without bearing the fruit of godly character is nothing short of hypocrisy. God desires His children to flow both in the gifts and the fruit of the Spirit. For everyone who seeks to live beyond the limitations of manmade laws, this book is a must-listen.

Chapter 1: The Fruit of the Spirit
Chapter 2: The Way of Love
Chapter 3: The Quietness of Peace
Chapter 4: The Satisfaction of Joy
Chapter 5: The Firmness of Longsuffering
Chapter 6: The Strength of Temperance
Chapter 7: The Exaltation of Meekness
Chapter 8: The Force of Gentleness
Chapter 9: The Reward of Faithfulness
Chapter 10: The Blessedness of Goodness
Chapter 11: How to Bear Fruit
Chapter 12: Epilogue

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