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A Good General


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By: Dag Heward-Mills

Narrated By: Pastor Jeff Korum

Length: 693mins

Release Date: 2015

Language: ENGLISH


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Do you know that a mans life upon the earth is warfare? We are at war whether we choose to be at war or not. The Bible says that your life is warfare. You must fight the good fight and win the war. This new book on warfare is a must read for all leaders.

Chapter 1 - A Good General Learns about Warfare
Chapter 2 - A Good General Will Avoid a Foolish Fight
Chapter 3 - A Good General Will Fight a Good Fight
Chapter 4 - Get Used to the War Atmosphere
Chapter 5 - The Business Of War Is To Take New Territories, To Take Things By Force And To Defend Yourself
Chapter 6 - Firmness Must Be Directed at Quieting, Humbling and Controlling Your Enemy
Chapter 7 - Only an Equilibrium Leads to the Suspension of War So a Good General is Not Surprised at the Outbreak of War
Chapter 8 - Selection and Maintenance of the Aim
Chapter 9 - A Good General and Maintenance of Morale
Chapter 10 - Never Forget about War in Times of Peace
Chapter 11 - Initiative - Offensive Action
Chapter 12 - A Good General and Inexorability
Chapter 13 - When You Become a Defender, You Have Become a Loser
Chapter 14 - A Good General And Surprises
Chapter 15 - A Good General and the Concentration of Forces
Chapter 16 - A Good General and the Economy of Effort
Chapter 17 - A Good General and Flexibility
Chapter 18 - Avoid Pyrrhic Victories
Chapter 19 - Unity at All Levels
Chapter 20 - A Good General and the Sustainability of the Mission
Chapter 21 - A Good General and Decisiveness
Chapter 22 - Fight Extremes with Extremes
Chapter 23 - A Good General Identifies Dangerous Enemies by their Lies
Chapter 24 - Your Great Mistake is to Deal with the Enemy in the Spirit of Benevolence
Chapter 25 - Extinguishment and Annihilation
Chapter 26 - Keep Your Plans As Dark As Night
Chapter 27 - To Subdue the Enemy without Fighting is the Height of Skill
Chapter 28 - It Is More Important to Outthink Your Enemy than to Outfight Him
Chapter 29 - A Good General Does Not Advance Relying on Sheer Numbers
Chapter 30 - Know Your Invisible Enemies
Chapter 31 - It Is Essential to Seek out Enemy Agents Who Have Come to Spy against You
Chapter 32 - When a Falcon's Strike Breaks the Body of the Prey it is Because of Timing
Chapter 33 - A Good General Has a Surprise for Every Surprise
Chapter 34 - A Good General Expects an Attack of Depression
Chapter 35 - Prepare Yourself to Meet a Cruel Enemy
Chapter 36 - A Good General Uses Money as a Weapon
Chapter 37 - A Good General Can Achieve Greatness Beyond Ordinary Men through Foreknowledge
Chapter 38 - It is Essential for Victory That Generals Are Unconstrained by People Around
Chapter 39 - When Troops Flee or Are Routed in Battle, it is the Fault of the General
Chapter 40 - Wars Are Won by Lightning Strikes
Chapter 41 - Expect an Attack on Your Home Base
Chapter 42 - Expect an Attack on Your Aides, Friends and Relatives
Chapter 43 - Expect Your Enemy to Attempt to Assassinate You
Chapter 44 - Actively Attack the Hidden Agendas and Motives That Are Not the Goal of the Army
Chapter 45 - A Good General Continues to Fight in the Midst of Terror and Panic
Chapter 46 - A Good General Fights to Win But Knows That He Will Have Some Losses
Chapter 47 - A Good General Knows That Death Can Happen But Does Not Throw Himself at Death
Chapter 48 - A Good General Expects Attacks at His Weak Points
Chapter 49 - A Good General Must Be Aware of the Long-Term and Short-Term Plans of the Enemy
Chapter 50 - A Good General Must Judge by Actions
Chapter 51 - Identify Dangerous Enemies and Declare War on Them
Chapter 52 - A Good General Is Visible
Chapter 53 - A Good General Knows How to Overcome Superior Enemies and Stalemates
Chapter 54 - A Good General Is Unpredictable
Chapter 55 - A Good General Is Worth Ten Thousand Men
Chapter 56 - Expect Your Enemy to Send A Woman
Chapter 57 - Fight with Technology
Chapter 58 - Fight by Building
Chapter 59 - Encircle Your Enemy
Chapter 60 - Fight with All Your Weapons
Chapter 61 - As Long As the Enemy Is Not Completely Defeated, He May Defeat You
Chapter 62 - War Does Not Spring Up Quite Suddenly, It Does Not Spread to the Full in a Moment
Chapter 63 - Primarily Operations of War Are Carried Out in Danger, So the Foremost Quality Required In a General is Courage!
Chapter 64 - A Good General Fights to Capture the Minds and Hearts of People
Chapter 65 - War Moves in an Atmosphere of Risk, Danger, Uncertainty, Physical Effort, Energy and Change
Chapter 66 - War Is No Leisure, No Mere Pastime, No Mere Hobby, No Work of a Free Enthusiast; War Is Serious Business with a Serious Object
Chapter 67 - The Stronger the Motive, the Greater the War Effort
Chapter 68 - When War Erupts, Find Out Who is Financing Your Enemy; That is Your Real Enemy!
Chapter 69 - You Cannot Force a Good General to Turn Away From Battle
Chapter 70 - The Staunchness of a General is His Resistance to a Series of Blows
Chapter 71 - Poor Communication Will Destroy the General
Chapter 72 - A Good General Does Not Advance Recklessly
Chapter 73 - A Good General Makes Special Efforts to Know about the Enemy
Chapter 74 - A Good General is Good at Both Fighting and Dodging Evil
Chapter 75 - A Good General Fights in Four Dimensions
Chapter 76 - A Good General Knows When to End the War

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