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The Top Ten Mistakes Pastors Make


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By: Dag Heward-Mills

Narrated By: Pastor Jeff Korum

Length: 109mins

Release Date: 2014

Language: ENGLISH


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The Bible tells us that we all make many mistakes - pastors are not exempt. Mistakes will make you go backwards instead of forwards. A mistake can stop you from advancing. What possible mistakes could a pastor make? What could be a pastors top ten mistakes? You are invited to go through the pages of this amazing book and discover for yourself the mistakes you are in danger of committing and how to avoid the major mistakes a pastor is prone to make. This important book will be a blessing to you and your ministry.

Chapter 1 - Being Slow about Ministry
Chapter 2 - Downplaying the Importance of Sacrifice
Chapter 3 - Downplaying the Importance of Humility
Chapter 4 - Receiving Honour from Men
Chapter 5 - Ignoring the Words of Jesus
Chapter 6 - Becoming Disconnected from God
Chapter 7 - Choosing to Bear Few Fruits
Chapter 8 - Having Wrong Priorities
Chapter 9 - Turning Into a Pharisee
Chapter 10 - Laying Up Treasures on Earth

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