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Wisdom is the Principal Thing For Your Ministry


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By: Dag Heward-Mills

Narrated By: Rupert Farley

Length: 409mins

Release Date: 2022

Language: ENGLISH


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In the beginning was the word! The Word was with God! The Word was God! God and His Word are always at the centre and the beginning of anything worthwhile. If your life is to amount to anything, God and His Word must be the principal thing.

Your wisdom reveals the way you think. Wisdom makes you a practical person. A wise man builds something. What you have built reveals your wisdom. Wisdom is the master key to the leadership skills you need for ministry. Wisdom is the key to dealing with the challenges of leadership. Solomon asked for wisdom from God. God gave him a wise and understanding heart. The result of this wise and understanding heart is seen throughout the Bible.

This book does not talk of high-sounding words that are used to confuse people. The author, Bishop Dag Heward-Mills, seeks to enlighten the listener that though there are different kinds of wisdom, the word of God is the principal thing.

Opening credits
Chapter 1 - Wisdom is the Principal Thing for Your Ministry
Chapter 2 - Wisdom is the Principal Thing because the Word of God is the Principal Thing
Chapter 3 - Wisdom is the Secret to Mighty Works in Ministry
Chapter 4 - Wisdom Will Make You a Great Leader
Chapter 5 - Wisdom Will Guarantee You Victory in Every Battle
Chapter 6 - Wisdom Will Give You A Stable Worldwide Ministry
Chapter 7 - Wisdom Turns You Into a Builder
Chapter 8 - Wisdom Is the Secret To Surviving Crises
Chapter 9 - Wisdom Guarantees Victory in Impossible Situations
Chapter 10 - Wisdom is the Secret to Promotion in Ministry
Chapter 11 - Wisdom Will Turn You into a National Ministry
Chapter 12 - Wisdom Will Make You Ten Times Better than the Others
Chapter 13 - Wisdom Will Make You Catch Up with Those Ahead
Chapter 14 - Wisdom is the Secret to Your Financial Sufficiency In Ministry
Chapter 15 - Wisdom Is the Secret to Creativity in the Ministry
Chapter 16 - Wisdom Turns You into A Practical Person
Chapter 17 - Wisdom is the Secret to Catching the Anointing
Chapter 18 - Wisdom Knows the Times
Chapter 19 - The Proofs of Your Wisdom
Chapter 20 - Wisdom Increases by Hearing
Chapter 21 - Wisdom Increases through Books
Chapter 22 - Wisdom Increases through Testimonies
Chapter 23 - Wisdom Increases through Instructions
Chapter 24 - Wisdom Increases through Rebukes
Chapter 25 - Wisdom Increases through Teaching
Chapter 26 - Wisdom Increases through Prayer
Chapter 27 - Thinking about Death Increases Wisdom
Chapter 28 - Wisdom Begins When You Fear God
Chapter 29 - Wisdom Increases by Observation
Chapter 30 - Wisdom Increases by Observing High Places
Chapter 31 - Wisdom Comes by Observing at the Gates
Chapter 32 - The Mystery of Wisdom
Chapter 33 - Wisdom Increases As You Meditate
Chapter 34 - Manifestations of Wisdom: Soul Winning
Chapter 35 - Manifestations of Wisdom: Humility
Chapter 36 - Dark Sayings of Wisdom
Chapter 37 - Wisdom Minus the Fear of God
Chapter 38 - The Wisdom from Above
Chapter 39 - A Wise Man is a Man of Works
Ending Credits

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