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Ready @ 20


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By: Dag Heward-Mills

Narrated By: Rupert Farley

Length: 300mins

Release Date: 2022

Language: ENGLISH


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Many people assume that their youthful years must be spent fooling around and playing games. They assume that the things of God for the older, more sober and wise-hearted people. They assume that the work of God is for the mature, experienced sufferers who have been in this world and experienced many sad days. However, the secular world does not think so. The secular world produces fighter jets costing millions of dollars and entrust this very expensive piece of equipment to young people and expect them to use it wisely. Indeed, after the age of thirty, you usually cannot be trained or even accepted to be a fighter pilot. Do you see how much confidence is placed in a young man? Dag Heward-Mills is a champion of the youth. He strongly believes that young people are extremely capable of working for God and serving Him in the highest way possible. This wonderfully informative and instructive book, by celebrated author Dag Heward-Mills will take you through many things you must be Ready@20 to do! Are you twenty years old and above? Then you are ready for the army of the Lord. Do not wait until it is late. There are things you cannot do when you are older. God requires young people too! It is time to entrust our young people with great responsibility just as the armies of the world do. God can and will use the young people to do great and mighty works!

Opening credits
Chapter 1 - Ready@20 for War
Chapter 2 - Ready@20 to Reign
Chapter 3 - Ready@20 Just Like Jesus
Chapter 4 - Ready@20 Just Like the Levites
Chapter 5 - Ready@20 Because You Were Born in the House
Chapter 6 - Ready@20 to Serve
Chapter 7 - Ready@20 to be Sent on a Mission
Chapter 8 - Ready@20 to be an Armour Bearer
Chapter 9 - Ready@20 to be Clean
Chapter 10 - Ready@20 to Please God
Chapter 11 - Ready@20 to be a Good Example
Chapter 12 - Ready@20 to Flee Youthful Lusts
Chapter 13 - Ready@20 to Overcome the Wicked One
Chapter 14 - Ready@20 to be Sent as Ambassadors
Chapter 15 - Ready@20 to be Anointed
Chapter 16 - Ready@20 to be a Prophet
Chapter 17 - Ready@20 to Appreciate the Anointed and His Anointing
Chapter 18 - Ready@20 to be With Kings
Chapter 19 - Ready@20 to be Sober
Chapter 20 - Ready@20 to be Submitted
Chapter 21 - Ready@20 to Avoid Deceiving and Lying
Chapter 22 - Ready@20 to See Visions
Chapter 23 - Ready@20 to Avoid Foolishness
Chapter 24 - Ready@20 to Think about Judgement
Chapter 25 - Ready@20 to Escape Negativity
Chapter 26 - Ready@20 to be a Nazarite
Chapter 27 - Ending credits

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