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The Art of Leadership Third Edition


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By: Dag Heward-Mills

Narrated By: Pastor Kwaku Sampson / Kwesi Busia

Length: 703mins

Release Date: 2003

Language: ENGLISH


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The call to ministry is a call to leadership. Once again with an easy going and down-to-earth approach, Dr. Heward-Mills expounds on principles that have made him an outstanding Christian leader. The truths revealed here will inspire many to the art of leadership.

Chapter 1: Everthing Depends on the Leadership
Chapter 2: Decide to Become One of the Few Good Leaders in This World
Chapter 3: Forty English Names for Leaders
Chapter 4: How Leadership is Discussed in the Bible
Chapter 5: The Type Of Leadership You Must Avoid
Chapter 6: The Leadership of a Child
Chapter 7: The Leadrship of a Woman
Chapter 8: Become a Master of Strategic Steps
Chapter 9: Interact with the Great and Small
Chapter 10: Protect Your Integrity
Chapter 11: Give People Hope
Chapter 12: Never Use Power without Wisdom or Wisdom without Power
Chapter 13: Be a Man of Conviction
Chapter 14: Wait for Your Season
Chapter 15: Use The Secret Of Concentration
Chapter 16: Help the People around You to Accomplish Great Things with Their Lives
Chapter 17: Make People Obey You Glady
Chapter 18: Comtemplate, Reflect, Be Thoughtful and Consider the Things You See around You
Chapter 19: Strive for Excellence
Chapter 20: Rally People around You
Chapter 21: Choose Hard and Difficult Things Instead of Nice and Easy Things
Chapter 22: Readily Embrace New Ideas
Chapter 23: Value People
Chapter 24: If You Can't Read, You Can't Lead
Chapter 25: See Ahead Prepare for the Future
Chapter 26: Always Learn New Things
Chapter 27: Know Your Strengths and Flow in Them
Chapter 28: Be Ready for a Long Fight
Chapter 29: Frugality! Count Your Pennies!
Chapter 30: Tell the Truth
Chapter 31: Recognize the Small Beginnings of a Great Career
Chapter 32: Treat People as Equals but Make the Differences Clear
Chapter 33: Predict the Future in a General Way
Chapter 34: Do Not Allow Yourself to Be Poisoned by Bitterness
Chapter 35: Change People's Minds
Chapter 36: Know a Little about Everything That Goes On
Chapter 37: Leader, Show Some Emotion
Chapter 38: Take Your Privileges at the Right Time and for the Right Reason
Chapter 39: Relate with Individuals and Relate with the Crowd
Chapter 40: Overcome the Disadvantage of Youthfulness and Inexperience by Studying History
Chapter 41: Take Responsibility and Give Account
Chapter 42: Don't Give Up Your Source of Power
Chapter 43: Be Decisive It Is the Greatest Attribute of a Leader
Chapter 44: Know about the Power of Habits and Develop Good Habits
Chapter 45: Know Where You Are! Know Where You Are Not! And You Will Know Where to Go!
Chapter 46: Become Self-Motivated. Do Not Expect Direction or Encouragement from Outside
Chapter 47: Be Flexible, Rigidity Is Costly
Chapter 48: Command Your Troops
Chapter 49: Balance Your Priorities
Chapter 50: Live by the Logical Laws of Teamwork
Chapter 51: Get Angry Sometimes
Chapter 52: Control the People You Lead by the Power of Teaching
Chapter 53: Be a Great Leader, Go the Extra Mile
Chapter 54: What Have You Survived
Chapter 55: Acknowledge the Gifts of Others
Chapter 56: Be Creative
Chapter 57: Respect Principles and You Will Build a Great Organization
Chapter 58: Don't Think of How Much Money You Can Get from the People You Lead. Think of How Much You Can Help Them
Chapter 59: Grow in Your Influence
Chapter 60: Develop Personal Proverbs and Dark Sayings
Chapter 61: Negotiate with Authorities on Behalf of Your Followers
Chapter 62: Convince People to Make Great Sacrifices
Chapter 63: Take Everyone to the Top with You
Chapter 64: Build Something If You Are a Leader
Chapter 65: Be Constantly Aware of Your Vision and Purpose
Chapter 66: Always Stay One Step Ahead
Chapter 67: Avoid Distraction
Chapter 68: Make People Obey You When You Are Not Present
Chapter 69: Hide and Flourish Like a Snake
Chapter 70: Overcome the Effect of Rumours, Questions and Controversies about Your Person
Chapter 71: Take That Decision Most Decisions Will Involve Choosing Between Two Bad Options Anyway
Chapter 72: Don't Destroy Your Ministry by Saying the Wrong Things in Public
Chapter 73: Avoid Artificial Leadership
Chapter 74: Beware of Tiredness and Weariness
Chapter 75: Gain Control over Your Domestic Life
Chapter 76: Be Sincere, Don't Be a Hypocrite
Chapter 77: Recognize Your Need for Help
Chapter 78: Be Bold Be Courageous
Chapter 79: Get People to Follow You Somewhere
Chapter 80: Mix Truth with Grace to Gain More Followers
Chapter 81: The Eight Greatest Decisions of a Leader
Chapter 82: Carefully Choose Your Mentors
Chapter 83: Inspire People
Chapter 84: Find Solutions and Solve Problems
Chapter 85: Be a Thinker
Chapter 86: Reproduce Yourself in Others
Chapter 87: Be a Can-Do Leader
Chapter 88: Accept the Realities of Loneliness
Chapter 89: Don't Forget Those Who Helped You
Chapter 90: Translate Your Visions Into Reality
Chapter 91: Go in First and People Will Follow You Anywhere
Chapter 92: Make Your Followers Love You. Make Sure They Don't Resent You
Chapter 93: Watch Out for Discontentment and Deal with it Decisively
Chapter 94: Waste No Time on Critical People
Chapter 95: Familiarity is a Leadership Emergency, Deal with It Decisively
Chapter 96: Fight Only Battles You Can Win
Chapter 97: Use Symptoms and Signs to Guide You
Chapter 98: Be a Loyal Leader
Chapter 99: Overcome Hatred and Opposition
Chapter 100: Relate With All Kinds of People Including People Who Are Not Your Type
Chapter 101: Don't Surprised By Ingratitude
Chapter 102: Allow People to Know You So They Can Trust You and Follow You
Chapter 103: Influence People by Example
Chapter 104: Recognize Your Desire as a Symptom of Your Call to Leadership
Chapter 105: Do Not Rush around from One Emergency to Another
Chapter 106: Always Remember, Nobody Wins Until We All Win
Chapter 107: Know the Names of Many People
Chapter 108: Invest in Yourself
Chapter 109: Value Time and Manage Time
Chapter 110: Great Achievements Require Great Discipline
Chapter 111: Value Every Moment in the Presence of a Great Leader
Chapter 112: Take Charge
Chapter 113: Master the Art of Raising Money
Chapter 114: Be Merciful
Chapter 115: Refuse Treacherous Friendships
Chapter 116: Work Harder Than All Those around You
Chapter 117: Start Humble and End Humble
Chapter 118: Convince People to Believe in You
Chapter 119: Say a Lot or Say Nothing, Depending on Who You Are Talking To
Chapter 120: Accept the Principle of Ranking
Chapter 121: Turn the People around You into Better Human Beings
Chapter 122: Move to the Right Geographical Location
Chapter 123: Control Your Carnal Instincts
Chapter 124: Unerstand the Difference Between the Ideal and the Real
Chapter 125: Identify the Different Types of Employees in Your Organization
Chapter 126: Develop the Art of Keeping People Together
Chapter 127: Constantly Think about the Day of Accountability

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