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By: Dag Heward-Mills

Narrated By: Kwesi Busia

Length: 385mins

Release Date: 2017

Language: ENGLISH


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As you journey through life you will discover that the invisible world is the real world and this physical world only manifests some of the things in the invisible world. Just as you have visible enemies, you also have invisible enemies. Can you fight your enemy without knowing him, his strategies, his style and his weapons?

Chapter 1 - The List of Invisible Enemies
Chapter 2 - The Ten Assignments of Demons Against You
Chapter 3 - Special Targets of the Invisible Enemy
Chapter 4 - The Five Realms of Operation of Evil Spirits
Chapter 5 - Symptoms of Demon Presence
Chapter 6 - How to Diagnose Demonic Activity
Chapter 7 - Demons and the Impartation of Thoughts
Chapter 8 - Demonic Operations and Manoeuvres
Chapter 9 - Demonic Seduction
Chapter 10 - Demonic Entry - Why Demons Want to Enter You
Chapter 11 - Demonic Oppression - What is it?
Chapter 12 - Demonic Oppression - How You Can Be Free From It
Chapter 13 - Demonic Possession
Chapter 14 - Demonic Buffeting
Chapter 15 - Demonic Mixture
Chapter 16 - Examples of Demon-Animal Hybrids
Chapter 17 - How Super-Humans_Para-Humans were Created
Chapter 18 - Examples of Giants (Nephilim)
Chapter 19 - Examples of Famous Men (Sem)
Chapter 20 - Examples of Tyrants and Bullies (Gibbor)
Chapter 21 - How to Block the Activity of Devils Through Para-Humans
Chapter 22 - How to Overcome Animal-like Demons
Chapter 23 - How You Can Stop Demons from Entering Your Body
Chapter 24 - How You Can Tighten Security with the Armour of God
Chapter 25 - How You Can Block Attacks with the Armour of God
Chapter 26 - How to Avoid Becoming A Habitation of Devils

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