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By: Dag Heward-Mills

Narrated By: Akosua Busia

Length: 224mins

Release Date: 2022

Language: ENGLISH


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In this insightful book, Dag Heward-Mills discusses what will happen at the BEMA - the judgment seat of Christ. Even though we are forgiven for our sins there is a judgment that awaits all believers. Judgment is based on what you have done, what is hidden and the motives for your actions. Decisions are very important in life. The absence of Judgment is the absence of decisions! The absence of judgment leads to chaos! The author’s perspicacity in answering questions such as “What is Judgment?”, “Why Judgment?”, and why God loves judgment, will lead you to the conclusion that judgment and justice are things that must be studied, understood and learnt in order to be ready for Judgment Day!

Chapter 1 - Why Judgment
Chapter 2 - Formula for Judgment
Chapter 3 - Sin and Judgment
Chapter 4 - The Great White Throne Judgment
Chapter 5 - Bema Judgment
Chapter 6 - Self Judgment
Chapter 7 - Earthly Judgment
Chapter 8 - Apostolic Judgment
Chapter 9 - Implementation of Apostolic Judgment
Chapter 10 - Closing Credits

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