Weeping and Gnashing


Jesus used the phrase “weeping and gnashing” on five different occasions in the Bible. It is a prophetic warning about the pain, the anger, the sorrow, the regret, the remorse and the sense of loss that will be felt on getting into heaven without being ready for it.

Renowned author, Dag Heward-Mills in his usual unequivocal style, describes the frightening reality of how many will regret the lost opportunities while on earth. You must do whatever you can to avoid becoming one of the people who will be weeping and gnashing their teeth in regret!

Dag Heward-Mills is the author of many books, including the bestselling “Loyalty and Disloaylty”. He is the founder of the United Denominations originating from the Lighthouse Group of Churches currently comprising three thousand churches.

Dag Heward-Mills, an international evangelist, ministers in international Healing Jesus Campaigns and pastors’ and church leaders’ conferences all over the word.

By: Dag Heward-Mills

Release Date: 2022

Language: ENGLISH



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