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Attempt Great Things for God


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By: Dag Heward-Mills

Narrated By: Kwesi Busia

Length: 144mins

Release Date: 2019

Language: ENGLISH


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As long as God gives us life, we have a chance to do something great. Today, you have a chance to attempt great things for God. At least, try! Make an attempt! This is a book that will encourage you to be the best God made you to be. Decide to attempt great things for God every day and you will be amazed at what you will be able to do by the grace of God. Exploits await you as you approach its contents studiously and attempt to do something great for God! May you do exploits for God!

Chapter 1 - Attempt Great Things
Chapter 2 - Attempt Great Exploits
Chapter 3 - Attempt Great Things for God Not for Yourself
Chapter 4 - Attempt Great Works
Chapter 5 - Attempt New Things
Chapter 6 - Attempt to Love God
Chapter 7 - Attempt to Fight for God
Chapter 8 - Attempt Preaching and Teaching
Chapter 9 - Attempt Preaching in a Hundred Nations
Chapter 10 - Attempt to Plant a Great Tree
Chapter 11 - Attempt to Grow a Church
Chapter 12 - Attempt to Build a Great House
Chapter 13 - Attempt to Build a Church
Chapter 14 - Attempt to do Business in Great Waters
Chapter 15 - Attempt Sending Missionaries
Chapter 16 - Attempt Ordaining Pastors
Chapter 17 - Attempt Winning Souls for Jesus
Chapter 18 - Attempt Reaping the Harvest
Chapter 19 - Attempt Reaching Great Multitudes
Chapter 20 - Attempt to Have Great Gain
Chapter 21 - Attempt to Overcome Big Problems

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