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The Preparation of the Gospel


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By: Dag Heward-Mills

Narrated By: Obed Parry Donkoh

Length: 131mins

Release Date: 2022

Language: ENGLISH


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Without a doubt, those who prepare are distinct from those who do not. Preparation is all about getting yourself ready for a task at hand. All through the Bible, we are told to prepare for what is to come and to make ourselves ready. God notices every step you take to ensure that you are prepared to accomplish His will. Your readiness to serve the Lord depends on your preparation! Note that we even need to prepare to meet God! In this long-awaited title by Dag Heward-Mills, you will be guided on how to live in a state of readiness and preparation for all the good works God has called you to do! You are about to become distinguished through this book!

Opening Credits
Chapter 1 - The Art of Preparation
Chapter 2 - To Prepare is to Rehearse Ahead of Time
Chapter 3 - To Prepare is to Foresee Problems
Chapter 4 - To Prepare is to Educate Yourself with Special Knowledge
Chapter 5 - To Prepare is to Mellow and Mature Something
Chapter 6 - To Prepare is to Plan Over a Long Period
Chapter 7 - To Prepare is to Train for a Specific Task
Chapter 8 - To Prepare is to Lay a Foundation
Chapter 9 - To Prepare is to be Furnished with Scripture
Chapter 10 - To Prepare is to Ready for War
Chapter 11 - To Prepare is to Put into a State of Readiness
Chapter 12 - To Prepare is to Set Your House in Order
Chapter 14 - Ending credits

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