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The Art of Shepherding


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By: Dag Heward-Mills

Narrated By: Pastor Kwaku Sampson

Length: 449mins

Release Date: 2010

Language: ENGLISH


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If you are a shepherd of God's flock, you will be greatly aided by this well-considered work. These pages contain detailed and carefully selected instruction, vital for success. Bishop Dag Heward-Mills draws from his over thirty years' experience as a shepherd, to share practical insights into the work of the Ministry. Should you desire to become a shepherd of God's people, this is the guidebook you've been looking for.

Chapter 1 - What Makes Sheep Lie Down
Chapter 2 - Why Sheep Need Water
Chapter 3 - What It Means for Sheep to Be Cast Down
Chapter 4 - Why Sheep Need Guidance
Chapter 5 - Why Sheep Need Green Pastures
Chapter 6 - Why Sheep Need to Go Through Valleys
Chapter 7 - What It Means for Sheep to Be Discontented
Chapter 8 - Why the Sheep Need a Rod
Chapter 9 - Why the Sheep Need a Staff
Chapter 10 - What It Means for Sheep to Have a Table in the Presence of Enemies
Chapter 11 - Why Sheep Need to Be Anointed with Oil
Chapter 12 - Why Sheep Need the Shepherd's Cup to Overflow
Chapter 13 - Why Sheep Need to Dwell in the House of the Shepherd
Chapter 14 - What It Means for the Sheep to Have No Shepherd
Chapter 15 - Diseases of Shepherds Which Are Diseases of Sheep
Chapter 16 - Why Sheep Get Sick
Chapter 17 - Three Goals of a Shepherd
Chapter 18 - How to Identify Shepherds Who Dot Not Enter by the Door
Chapter 19 - The Shepherding Assignments - To Be Gentle and Tender
Chapter 20 - The Shepherding Assignments - To Guide and to Lead
Chapter 21 - The Shepherding Assignments - To Watch for the Sheep
Chapter 22 - Jehovah the Protecting Shepherd
Chapter 23 - The Shepherding Assignments - To Feed
Chapter 24 - The Shepherding Assignments - To Restore and to Heal
Chapter 25 - Vampire Pastors
Chapter 26 - The Shepherding Skills of Jehovah
Chapter 27 - Thirthy-Five Keys to Becoming a Good Shepherd
Chapter 28 - How to Engage Your Sheep with Different Types of Relationships
Chapter 29 - Twelve Characteristics of Hireling Shepherds
Chapter 30 - Nine Types of Hireling Pastors
Chapter 31 - Disappointing Shepherds
Chapter 32 - Twenty-Two Stages in the Development of a Shepherd
Chapter 33 - How a Spiritual Son Develops into a Shepherd
Chapter 34 - Core Areas for the Development of a Shepherd
Chapter 35 - How a Young Person Can Become a Shepherd
Chapter 36 - The Heart as the Centre of Your Ministry
Chapter 37 - How You Can Understand the Spiritual Heart by Comparing It with the Human Heart
Chapter 38 - Why the Shepherd's Heart Is Important
Chapter 39 - Develop Flowing Hearts
Chapter 40 - Avoid an Unyielding Heart
Chapter 41 - Avoid an Unyielding Heart
Chapter 42 - Be Healed of Diseased Hearts
Chapter 43 - Develop an Encouraging Heart
Chapter 44 - Beware of Developing a Negative Heart
Chapter 45 - Develop a Thoughtful Heart
Chapter 46 - Fight against Unbending Hearts
Chapter 47 - Develop Optimistic Hearts
Chapter 48 - How You Can Enlarge Your Ministry
Chapter 49 - A Shepherd is a Light
Chapter 50 - Why Some People Are Greater Lights
Chapter 51 - How You Can Become a Greater Light
Chapter 52 - The Spiritual Joints of Ministry
Chapter 53 - The Stumbling Blocks of Ministry
Chapter 54 - Overcoming Delays in the Evil Day
Chapter 55 - Fifteen Evils That Arise When There Is a Delay
Chapter 56 - Eight Reasons Why Delays Occur
Chapter 57 - What Ministry Is Like When God Does Not Help You
Chapter 58 - What It Is Like When God Promotes You

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