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People Who Went to Hell


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By: Dag Heward-Mills

Narrated By: Obed Parry Donkoh

Length: 111mins

Release Date: 2023

Language: ENGLISH


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One sight that is common in every city, every town, and every village, is a funeral procession or burial service. You probably attended one not long ago! So, where did all the people who died go? What happened to the victims of First and Second World Wars? What happened to all the slaves who perished when they were carried from Africa to America? What happened to the many people who have died of HIV, Ebola virus and Corona virus? One thing we know for sure is, they are no longer with us. One minute they are alive, the next minute they are gone! So where did they go? Through the pages of this thought-provoking book, Bishop Dag Heward-Mills will take us beyond the grave, through scripture, to find out where they went.

Opening Credits
Chapter 1: Where Did They Go?
Chapter 2: The Roommate in Hell
Chapter 3: The Businessman in Hell
Chapter 4: The Blind Man in Hell
Chapter 5: The Auntie in Hell
Chapter 6: The Rich Man in Hell
Chapter 7: Billy and Freddy in Hell
Chapter 8: The Postman in Hell
Chapter 9: Howard in Hell
Chapter 10: Ian in Hell
Chapter 11: Who Goes to Hell?
Chapter 12: Hell is Below Us
Chapter 13: Hell Has a Reception
Chapter 14: Hell is Full of “Big Shots”
Chapter 15: Hell is Expanding
Chapter 16: If You Are Not Born Again You Will Go to Hell
Chapter 17: Can I be Transferred from Hell?
Chapter 18: The Six Different Hells
Chapter 19: Hades
Chapter 20: Paradise
Chapter 21: The Bottomless Pit: The Abyss, Abussos
Chapter 22: Tartarus
Chapter 23: Gehenna
Chapter 24: The Lake of Fire
Ending Credits

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