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What It Means To Become A Shepherd


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By: Dag Heward-Mills

Narrated By: Cherish Tengabo

Length: 297mins

Release Date: 2014

Language: ENGLISH


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Only one thing occurs to you when you hear the word "Shepherd"" - sheep! Sheep are dependent creatures that need shepherds. A shepherd is a caring loving guide to the sheep. In the Bible God refers to us as the sheep of His pasture. Jesus also told Peter to feed His sheep, to prove his love for the Savior. Being a shepherd a is a very great job. It is an honor to be called by God o enlist in his workforce and to look after sheep. In this book, Dag Heward-Mills invites us, urges us and shows us how we may join this great work of looking after God's people. Don't be left out of this beautiful job of how to become a shepherd!"

Chapter 1 - What is a Shepherd
Chapter 2 - Why You Can Become a Shepherd
Chapter 3 - How to Become a Shepherd
Chapter 4 - How I Discovered the Ministry of a Shepherd
Chapter 5 - Sharing the Burden
Chapter 6 - Take up the Spiritual Burden
Chapter 7 - Poimen
Chapter 8 - Different Levels of the Anointing
Chapter 9 - Fifteen Essential Features of Potential Shepherds
Chapter 10 - The Ministry - Work or Rest?
Chapter 11 - Seven Ministries of Poimen
Chapter 12 - How to Develop Your Ability to Preach and Teach
Chapter 13 - How to Be a Good Shepherd
Chapter 14 - How to Become a Full-Time Shepherd

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