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How You Can Preach SALVATION


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By: Dag Heward-Mills

Narrated By: Rupert Farley

Length: 986mins

Release Date: 2017

Language: ENGLISH


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Did you know that the prophets of old enquired about and searched out this great salvation that was toi be revealed to us? They could not imagine how this salvation would come to men...but we are blessed to receive this salvation! We received salvation because someone told us about it. In this riveting book, Evangelist Dag Heward-Mills lead us not only to understand our great salvation but also teaches us how to share this great salvation gospel with others. May each of us do the work of an evangelist!

Chapter 1 - God Commended His Love
Chapter 2 - Greater Love
Chapter 3 - The Prodigal Son
Chapter 4 - God Sent Not His Son to Condemn the Word
Chapter 5 - The Good Samaritan
Chapter 6 - Why God Sent His Son
Chapter 7 - A Savior's Serenade
Chapter 8 - John 3:16
Chapter 9 - The Story of the Cross (Jesus Christ Died For You)
Chapter 10 - Without the Shedding of Blood There is No Forgiveness
Chapter 11 - Eternal Life through the Blood of Jesus
Chapter 12 - Steps to Salvation through the Blood of Jesus
Chapter 13 - The Blood of the Lamb
Chapter 14 - The Power in the Blood of Jesus
Chapter 15 - Life, Death and Judgment
Chapter 16 - Why Your Soul is Important
Chapter 17 - Who Will Go To Hell
Chapter 18 - What Will Happen To You When You Die
Chapter 19 - Why You Must Not Perish In the Lake of Fire
Chapter 20 - The Day of Judgment
Chapter 21 - Christ the Judge
Chapter 22 - Escape
Chapter 23 - Number Your Days
Chapter 24 - What Shall It Profit A Man If He Shall Gain The Whole World And Lose His Soul
Chapter 25 - Will You Be In Outer Darkness
Chapter 26 - In My Father_s House There Are Many Mansions
Chapter 27 - The Lake Of Fire
Chapter 28 - Not Everyone That Sayeth Lord, Lord Shall Enter the Kingdom
Chapter 29 - The Hidden Man
Chapter 30 - All Dead People are Still Alive
Chapter 31 - Jesus And The Woman Of Samaria (Do You Know And Recognize Jesus_)
Chapter 32 - Jesus and Nicodemus
Chapter 33 - Jesus and Zacchaeus
Chapter 34 - What Shall I Do To Inherit Eternal Life (Jesus and the Man with Great Possessions)
Chapter 35 - Jesus and the Rich Fool
Chapter 36 - Don't Waste Your Chance (Jesus and Judas Iscariot)
Chapter 37 - The Great Invitation
Chapter 38 - Behold I Stand at the Door
Chapter 39 - Come with Your Burdens
Chapter 40 - Come
Chapter 41 - Repent
Chapter 42 - Receive Christ
Chapter 43 - Is Anyone Thirsty
Chapter 44 - The Salvation of the Ten Virgins
Chapter 45 - Ask, Seek and Knock
Chapter 46 - Come Unto Me All Ye That Labour, and Are Heavy Laden and I Will Give You Rest
Chapter 47 - Choose
Chapter 48 - The Narrow Way and the Broad Way
Chapter 49 - You Cannot Serve Two Masters
Chapter 50 - Are You Wise Or Are You A Fool
Chapter 51 - One Thing Is Needful
Chapter 52 - The House on a Rock
Chapter 53 - Without
Chapter 54 - Remember Lot's Wife
Chapter 55 - The Wise Virgins
Chapter 56 - The New Creation
Chapter 57 - Born Again
Chapter 58 - Abundant Life
Chapter 59 - Why Many People Believe In Jesus Christ
Chapter 60 - Why Many People Believe That Jesus is the Son Of God
Chapter 61 - Jesus Christ, the Same Yesterday, Today and Forever
Chapter 62 - Are You Lost
Chapter 63 - I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life
Chapter 64 - Jesus Is the First And The Last
Chapter 65 - Christ in You, The Hope Of Glory
Chapter 66 - Who Is Jesus
Chapter 67 - What Do you Think of Jesus
Chapter 68 - Why We Preach Christ
Chapter 69 - The Bread of Life
Chapter 70 - Resurrection Power.
Chapter 71 - The True Light
Chapter 72 - How Jesus Destroyed the Serpent
Chapter 73 - Seek Ye First the Kingdom Of God
Chapter 74 - The Kingdom Of Heaven Is Like a Mustard Seed
Chapter 75 - Do You Have True Riches
Chapter 76 - The Great Feast
Chapter 77 - Jesus Is Anointed For You (The Spirit of the Lord Is Upon Me)
Chapter 78 - Jesus Will Do You Good
Chapter 79 - Jesus, the Savior and the Healer
Chapter 80 - The Greatest Miracle
Chapter 81 - Jesus and Jairus_ Daughter (Fear Not, Only Believe)
Chapter 82 - Jesus and the Woman with the Issue of Blood (Your Faith Has Made You Whole)
Chapter 83 - Jesus and Blind Bartimaeus (Thou Son of David, Have Mercy On Me!)
Chapter 84 - Jesus and the Blind Man Who Saw Men as Trees (He Touched Me)
Chapter 85 - Jesus and the Epileptic Boy (All Things Are Possible To Him That Believeth)
Chapter 86 - Jesus and the Paralytic (Your Sins Are Forgiven)
Chapter 87 - Jesus and the Woman Who Was Bent Over (Woman, Thou Art Loosed)
Chapter 88 - Jesus and the Centurion's Servant (Great Faith)
Chapter 89 - Jesus and the Man Full Of Leprosy (I Will, Be Thou Clean)
Chapter 90 - Jesus and the Man by the Pool of Bethesda (Rise and Be Healed)
Chapter 91 - Jesus and the Blind Man Healed At the Pool of Siloam (The Works of God)
Chapter 92 - Jesus and Lazarus (Lazarus, Come Forth)
Chapter 93 - Jesus and the Widow of Nain (I Say unto Thee, Arise)
Chapter 94 - Jesus and the Nobleman_s Son (Go Thy Way, Thy Son Liveth)
Chapter 95 - Jesus and the Syrophoenician Woman_s Daughter (The Devil Is Gone out Of Thy Daughter)
Chapter 96 - Jesus and the Man with the Dropsy (Is It Lawful To Heal On the Sabbath Day)
Chapter 97 - Jesus and the Man with the Impediment in His Speech (Be Opened!)
Chapter 98 - Jesus and the Two Blind Men (Be It unto You According To Your Faith)
Chapter 99 - Jesus and the Ten Lepers (Give Glory To God)
Chapter 100 - Jesus and the Madman of Gadara (Come Out Of the Man, Thou Unclean Spirit)
Chapter 101 - Jesus and the Man with the Withered Hand (Stretch Forth Thine Hand)
Chapter 102 - Jesus and Peter_s Mother-In-Law (Himself Took Our Infirmities)
Chapter 103 - The Sun of Righteousness
Chapter 104 - By His Stripes We Are Healed
Chapter 105 - Seek Ye the Lord While He May Be Found
Chapter 106 - Unto us a Child is Born
Chapter 107 - Come, Lets Us Reason Together
Chapter 108 - Behold, The Lord's Hand Is Not Shortened
Chapter 109 - Jesus and The Man With The Withered Hand (Stretch Forth Thine Hand)
Chapter 110 - Belshazzar and The Great Feast

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