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By: Dag Heward-Mills

Narrated By: Kwesi Busia

Length: 289mins

Release Date: 2010

Language: ENGLISH


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We are often encouraged when we think of the fact that "Many are Called". Then all too soon we become discouraged when we meditate on the fact that "...few are chosen." You can be numbered with the many who are called and the few who are chosen if you make this book a part of your life. In this amazing book by Dag Heward-Mills, you will find out from the Bible why you can confidently say you are called. You will know the characteristics of ""called people"" and you will be encouraged to be steadfast to the end of your Christian race.

Chapter 1 - Why You Are Still Alive
Chapter 2 - Many Christians Are Called
Chapter 3 - How Different People Were Called
Chapter 4 - Characteristics of Called People
Chapter 5 - What It Means To Be Called
Chapter 6 - The Limitations of an Individual's Calling
Chapter 7 - What Is In Your Heart
Chapter 8 - How God Monitors Your Works
Chapter 9 - Barren Because You are Blind To Hell
Chapter 10 - Barren Because You Are Blind To Heaven
Chapter 11 - Barren Because You Are Short-Sighted
Chapter 12 - Barren Because You Have Forgotten
Chapter 13 - Obstacles to Bearing Fruit
Chapter 14 - Four Benefits of Bearing Fruit
Chapter 15 - Ten Reasons Why People Do Not Use Their Talents
Chapter 16 - The Appointed Time of Your Spiritual Life
Chapter 17 - Redeeming the Time
Chapter 18 - Forceful Evangelistic Christianity
Chapter 19 - John 3:16 - The Unchanging Purpose of Christianity

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