Key Facts for New Believers


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By: Dag Heward-Mills

Narrated By: Stephanie Abrah Bediako

Length: 63mins

Release Date: 2018

Language: ENGLISH


It is important for new Christians to understand the basics of their salvation and learn the principles that govern their new lives. Key Facts for New Believers has been designed to meet this need and provide a foundation for new Christians to walk victoriously in their newfound faith.

Chapter 1: How to Become a Born-Again Christian
Chapter 2: Key Facts about Salvation
Chapter 3: Six Powerful Results of Your Salvation
Chapter 4: What You Must Know About Water Baptism
Chapter 5: The Baptism of the Holy Ghost
Chapter 6: Develop Yourself by Speaking in Tongues
Chapter 7: Grow in Your New Life by Reading the Bible Regularly
Chapter 8: Seven Steps to an Effective Quiet Time
Chapter 9: Grow in Your New Life by Praying Regularly
Chapter 10: Grow as a New Believer by Fellowshipping Regularly
Chapter 11: Develop the Art of Witnessing and Soulwinning
Chapter 12: Your Role as a Church Member

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